ATOD Presentations

Alcohol Presentations:

  • Buzzed: Alcohol Jeopardy: This unique Jeopardy! game focuses on alcohol education for CSUB students; covering a variety of topics from standard drinks, to alcohol policies at CSUB, to making good decisions.
  • Double Dare: Students test their alcohol knowledge in this adaptation of the Nickelodeon hit. Presentation features physical challenges performed while wearing beer goggles.
  • Got Consent? We discuss:

                   1. How alcohol and other drugs influence decisions about sex.

                   2. The difference between consensual sex and sexual assault

                   3. How to help friends who may be in a sexual assault situation.

                   4. Available resources for students who have experienced a sexual


  • Guys Buy the Drinks, Girls Call the Shots: We all know guys and girls are different, find out just how different they are when it comes to alcohol.
  • Love on the Rocks: This fun, informative, and interactive program will explore the consequences of mixing alcohol and sex, as well as debunk some of the misperceptions surrounding the issue. This is a great program for a co-ed audience, as it challenges attitudes and fosters communication between the sexes.
  • Not as Think as You Drunk I am: The signs of intoxication come in many forms, and are not always as obvious as one may think. Join us for an interactive and entertaining exploration of intoxication, how to help a friend, and many other useful tips related to responsible alcohol consumption.
  • Party Smart: This interactive group discussion educates participants about California and CSUB alcohol laws and policies as well as what it means to be a "responsible drinker." Participants are introduced to various alcohol issues through real-life scenarios. The emphasis of this presentation is on education and dispelling common myths surrounding college students and alcohol.
  • Sex & Alcohol 101: Did you know there are over 12 steps to correctly putting on a condom? No kidding! It's difficult to keep all of those steps straight when you've had a couple of drinks. During this interactive presentations, students will learn some myths about alcohol consumption, talk openly about sexually transmitted infections and try their skills during a competitive condom relay. Let the games begin!
  • “When the Price is Wrong": Thinking about throwing a party in your new place? There is nothing wrong with that. Just know that more responsibility comes with throwing a party than you might think. Learn about the potential costs and liabilities, along with how to hold the best safe party ever.

Tobacco Presentations:

  • Giving Up That Old Flame: Learn the effects of smoking on the body and mind. Presentation covers a variety of strategies on how to quit smoking and where to go for help.
  • Kickin' Butts Tobacco Jeopardy: This presentation is set up as a Jeopardy game that focuses on health effects of tobacco use, hookah and smokeless tobacco.

Other Drug (Both Legal and Illegal) Presentations:

  • Dazed and Confused: Date Rape Drugs: This educational presentation informs students about the most commonly used date rape drugs and their effects on the body. Information will also be given about how to stay safe and avoid drug-facilitated rape. We will also discuss common signs and symptoms of someone who has been drugged, as well as alcohol induced sexual assaults.
  • Hooked on Hookah?: In this presentation, participants will learn what hookah is and the health-risks involved. Participants will learn the history of hookahs and why they are so popular among college students. Participants will be able to filter through information and determine what the myths and facts are about hookahs.
  • Rxology 101: Prescription drug misuse is on the rise. Rxology 101 quizzes students on why medications are abused, why it is dangerous, and how to recognize problems related to prescription drugs, all in an engaging, hands-on program.
  • Stimulated Studying: Learn about one of the newest and most controversial drug abuse trends: the abuse of prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin for the purpose of studying longer and more effectively.
  • "Up in Smoke" Marijuana Myths and FAQ's: This interactive session looks at perceptions of use at CSUB, health effects and the chance to debunk common myths about marijuana.

Media Literacy Presentations:

  • Mixed Messages- Alcohol, Sex & Consent: Is it realistic to expect college students to heed warnings to avoid mixing alcohol and sex? What are some complicating factors in this type of message? This program is designed to explore the ubiquitous relationship that exists in the social mind between drinking and sex. Current promotional media images will be used to get to the root of deeply embedded cultural issues that influence how we view this familiar relationship. A fun and interactive program that will change how you view advertising!
  • What are They Selling Us?: This presentation will cover issues on persuasive advertising of the tobacco and alcohol industries, harmful effects of abuse, and general information regarding these substances
If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact Erika Delamar at 661-654-3453. Please allow at least contact at least two weeks before your requested date.