• National Alcohol Screening Day: National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD) is an annual event that provides information about alcohol and health as well as free, anonymous screening for alcohol use problems. Event sites are located in community, college, primary health care, military, and employment settings. The program is designed to provide outreach, screening and education about alcohols effects on health for the general public. As part of the program, attendees have the opportunity to complete a brief written questionnaire evaluating their alcohol use and talk privately with a health professional about their results and next steps.
  • Outreach Tables: Each quarter, the Alcohol and Drug Education Committee promotes alcohol and drug education by doing outreach tables in key locations across campus. This includes DDH, Dorms, Athletic events, Student Union and the Cafe.
  • 21st Birthday Card: Currently being revampted. Look for us soon.
  • Alcohol Alternative Events: The Alcohol and Drug Education Committee has a commitment to providing alternative opportunities for activities that do not involve alcohol. Some of the events include dances and tournaments.
  • "Don't Cancel that Class" Program: Provides faculty with the opportunity to schedule co-curricular sessions when they have to be away from class.