Sample Consent Forms

The purpose of the consent form is to provide the information needed for a person to freely decide whether to become a participant. In general, the consent form is formatted to draw attention to the important elements of informed consent. Technical jargon is avoided. The purposes of the research, including possible uses of the data, are described. Confidentiality and how it will be achieved are addressed. It is made clear that participation is voluntary and that one can withdraw without penalty. Enough information, including time required, is given so that the person can understand what it would be like to participate.  Possible benefits and risks are presented. The person is informed that a copy of the consent form will be provided. Separate contacts are provided for further information about the research itself and for questions/concerns about a person’s treatment as a research participant.

There are several possible variations on the usual print consent form: [a] consent by telephone, [b] online consent or in an e-mail with a link to online materials, and [c] waiver of written consent, but the participant keeps a copy of the consent form for his/her own information.

Sample Telephone Survey Consent Script & Procedures

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