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The IACUC Protocol

Use the "IACUC Protocol" to submit your proposed activity to the IACUC for review and authorization.

  1. Create an "IACUC Protocol", describing your proposed activities, using these materials
  2. Save the completed cover page, protocol narrative, and pain scales as a single document.
  3. Submit the completed document to the IACUC by clicking here.Please note submissions must be through FIREFOX ONLY! There are specific submission deadlines for each of the quarterly IACUC meetings.

The IACUC does not accept direct submissions from students. If you are a student, when your faculty research mentor is satisfied with your IACUC submission materials, provide him/her with an electronic copy, completed as explained above. This document will be submitted by your faculty research mentor, using the above link. IACUC feedback will be provided directly to the faculty research mentor, who will work with you on requested clarifications and revisions.

For your information, reviewers use this IACUC Protocol Review Form

IACUC Protocol

IACUC Protocol Form and Instructions

Submission is by Faculty only via FIREFOX

Click here to submit your completed forms and documents--submission link is currently under construction, please submit to