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Humane Care & Use of Animal Subjects (HCUAS) Training

 [HCUAS] Tutorial

California State University, Bakersfield [CSUB]
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee [IACUC]

The purpose of this site is to provide a convenient and effective mechanism for training and certification in HCUAS. All use of animals in teaching and research at CSUB is carried out under protocols approved by the IACUC. In order for a protocol to be approved by the IACUC, all key personnel must be certified as trained in HCUAS. Key personnel are defined as the Principal Investigator(s) and all persons associated with the protocol who interact with the animals on a regular basis.

There are 5 training modules available with an examination for each. The exam is e-mailed for scoring.
Certification requires 80% correct. The exam may be re-taken. The training modules, with indication of who should train on each module, are:

    · Module 1: Policies and Regulations [all key personnel]

    · Module II: The Rat [key personnel working with rats]

    · Module III: Anesthesia/Analgesia [key personnel in protocols involving anesthesia/analgesia]

    · Module IV: Rodent Surgery [key personnel in protocols involving rodent surgery]

    · Module V: Euthanasia [all personnel administering euthanasia]


In addition:

  • Key personnel working with animals under continuing IACUC protocols must become certified.

  • Members of the IACUC should train on each module.

  • Key personnel associated with the CSUB Animal Facility must become certified on Modules I & II.

  • Faculty whose protocols cover courses in which students have incidental contact with animal subject are  responsible for providing appropriate training for their students.

    HCUAS Tutorial


    [These modules were developed from  materials used 
    by the University of Iowa, with their permission.]