GRaSP Post-Award Goals

The GRaSP Post-Award Office has adopted one overarching and five operational goals to accomplish our stated mission and our institutional responsibilities.

  • The number-one goal of the Post-Award GRaSP Office is to assist faculty, administrators, and staff in the administration of externally funded activities related to academic affairs while promoting an environment of cooperation, problem solving, and ethical behavior to ensure that all applicable policies, procedures, and regulations, as well as sponsor’s requirements, have been met at the optimal level.

To achieve our mission and meet our institutional responsibilities, the Post-Award GRaSP Office’s operational goals are to:

  1. Assist faculty, staff, and sponsors in a smooth transition between the pre-award and post-award stages of an award
  1. Support faculty and staff by providing training and assistance in award administration in order to maximize the successful fulfillment of their projects
  1. Work closely with CSUB Fiscal Services and other campus departments to ensure timely and appropriate utilization of award funds by pursuing cooperative relationships and promoting effective and efficient policies and procedures
  1. Maintain contact with sponsoring agents to encourage positive interactions throughout the award cycle, to ensure proper closeout of the award, and to  increase opportunities for future funding
  1. Assist with internal and external audits and provide information to the institution to help inform strategic decisions

The Grants, Research, and Sponsored Programs (GRaSP) Post-Award Office has been delegated institutional responsibility for centralized grant administration activities for CSUB. This includes educating project staff, tracking and reporting project activities, and coordinating with project staff, campus departments, and sponsors to ensure compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, regulations, restrictions, and requirements.

GRaSP Office Hours & Location

M-F: 8 am to 5 pm
Dorothy Donahoe Hall, D 108