Research Opportunities

The small, high-quality geology department at CSUB is very active in peer-reviewed research involving both undergraduates and M.S.-level graduate students.  Bakersfield’s location offers unrivalled access to the geology of southern and eastern California, including workstations loaded with industry-standard software, an SEM equipped with EDS, WDS, CL and a micro XRF source, a rock crushing and preparation facility, a Frantz magnetic separator, aqueous chemistry and hydrology labs including field hydrology equipment, an automated XRD, an ICP-MS with laser ablation system, a laser particle-size analyzer, a carbon coulometer, an HC-O-N-S elemental analyzer, a paleomagnetics lab, a wide variety of field geophysics equipment, and a Giddings coring rig.  The California Well Sample Repository, located on campus, houses the largest public collection of oil- and water-well cores and cuttings in California.  The department is funded by the National Science Foundation as a Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) to improve its research capabilities and provide substantial support for student research assistantships and faculty release-time.  CSUB CREST is an integral part of the new California Energy Research Center, a collaboration between faculty from several CSUB academic programs, local industry, and government agencies.

CSUB alumnus on research vessel in Antarctica.

CSUB Students Conduct Research All Over The World!

CSUB Alumnus Sara (Draucker) Ante, BS 2002, is pictured above on the Lawrence M. Gould Research vessel in Antarctica after graduating from CSUB.  Sara's research included OSL dating of antarctic glacial marine sediments.  Students at CSUB have many opportunities to research outside the United States.  Most recently our students have participated in field work in Turkey, Africa, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, and Iceland.  Often our students are invited to present their research and speak at international conferences in locations such as Germany, Italy, Turkey, England, and Canada as well as national conferences across the U.S.