WSCUC Core Competencies

WSCUC has designated five competencies in which all undergraduate students should be proficient when they graduate with a BA or BS degree. These competencies are oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and information literacy.

In AY 2016-17, CSUB launched new General Education program, AIMS (Achieving Integration & Mastering Skills). CSUB assesses the WSCUC Core Competencies through AIMS assessment efforts, as they comprise the first five of the AIMS Program Learning Outcomes. These assessment efforts are led by the General Education Assessment Coordinator, who leads teams of faculty from across the university teaching in the AIMS program to develop and implement assessment plans, evaluate student work, and suggest improvements for teaching and learning practices. The General Education Curriculum Committee (GECCo), consisting of eight faculty members, two representing each of the four Schools, implements changes to the General Education curriculum based upon assessment findings.

Oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning were most recently assessed in AY 2015-16. Information literacy was most recently assessed in AY 2017-18.

The link below provides information on AIMS assessment efforts for each year.

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Previous GE Assessment Cycle 2010/11 through 2015/16

AIMS Assessment Cycle 2015/2016 through 2020/21