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Take it, Post it, Share it...

Take it, Post it, Share it is a photo contest in which all first-time freshmen get an opportunity to document their first-time on-campus experiences.

The FYE Student who submits the most creative picture reflecting his/her first Quarter experience at CSUB will have a chance to win a a certificate to the CSUB Bookstore of $200, $100, or $50.

All you have to do is simply submit your pictures to csubfye@gmail.com by the end of the Fall Quarter. Winning photos will be chosen and highlighted on our website and utilized in FYE brochures and publications. Your photo might just be the one! To find out more information visit us at the FYE Center.

1 Photo per Student. Submission deadline is 11/13/13. Winning students will be notified by 11/15/13 and published in the FYE Newsletter.

This is a wonderful way to pay for your books!!