Student Worker Pay How-To Information

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This page will assist you with completing the Student Work Pay forms.


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Direct Deposit Authorization

Who: Staff, Faculty, and Student

When: Use this form to authorize the State Controller’s Office to make direct deposits to your banking account.

How: Complete form, attached required documentation, and route to Human Resources.

Form: Direct Deposit Authorization

To find out more, go to: HR Forms, Guides, and Procedures

EFT Instructions and Form

Who: Employees

When: Use this form to choose electronic funds transfer or direct deposit for your travel payments and reimbursements.

How: Complete the form, attach a voided check (for a checking account) or a bank deposit slip (for a savings account), and submit all paperwork in a sealed envelope in person to Becky Lappin in General Accounting. (Do not put the paperwork in the interoffice mail.)

Form: EFT Instructions and Form

To find out more, go to: Accounts Payable

Student Assistant Timesheet

Who: Staff or Faculty

When: This form is used for paying foundation and stateside student assistants.

How: Complete the form, acquire the appropriate signatures, and give the signed form to your department Timekeeper.

Form: Student Assistant Timesheet

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