Student Worker Employment Overview

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This page provides an overview of the commonly used forms for  Student Worker Employment.

Confidentiality Agreement for Student Workers and Volunteers

The Confidentiality Agreement for Student Worker and Volunteer form is required for all student workers and volunteers before access is granted to any campus information system.

Direct Deposit Authorization

The Direct Deposit Authorization form is used to authorize the State Controller’s Office to make direct deposits to your banking account. For more information, please refer to the HR Forms and Procedures.

Student Assistant Separation

The Student Assistant Separation form is used for student workers when separating from California State University, Bakersfield. For more information, please refer to the HR Forms, Guides, and Procedures website.

Student Photo ID Application (RunnerCard)

The Student Photo ID form is used to request a new or replacement photo identification card, also known as the RunnerCard. For more information, please refer to the RunnerCard website.