Suppliers, Vendors, and Contractors Overview

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CSU Bakersfield adheres to the regulations, policies, and procedures established by the State of California and the CSU system. As you conduct business with CSU Bakersfield, you may need to submit paperwork regarding your business and other information. This page provides an overview of the forms most commonly used when conducting business with CSU Bakersfield.

Ethnicity Race and Gender Form

The State of California supports small/micro businesses and disabled veteran business enterprises. Contractors, who are certified, may submit their certifications to participate. 

Vendor Data Record Form

The Vendor Data Record form is used by state agencies to obtain vendor information (i.e. business name, tax id, address, etc). It is also used to prepare Information Returns (Form 1099) and for withholding on payments for nonresident vendors. The form is intended for non-governmental organizations.