Buying and Paying Overview

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As you conduct business on behalf of the university, you may need to purchase commodities or services.  CSU Bakersfield offers different methods for buying and paying for commodities and services. Each method has specific requirements and policies that govern it. This page provides an overview of the commonly used buying and paying methods.

Business Meal Approval Form

Prior to providing business meals for employees, you must receive approval from your administrator and divisional vice president. For more information, please refer to the Hospitality Policy.

Direct Pay Form

The Direct Pay method allows for the direct payment of University obligations for which little or no value can be added by processing the transaction through standard procurement procedures.  The Direct Pay option may be used for the purchase of non-tangibles and for off campus services up to $1,000, such as memberships, accreditation, Provost pre-approved Faculty advertisements, subscriptions, authorized pre-employment medical examinations, and off campus maintenance and repair services up to $1,000.

In addition, the Direct Pay Form may be used for one-time, low-value commodity purchases (i.e. less than $500).  The Direct Pay Form may not be used for employee reimbursement over $1,000.  Purchases over $1,000 could result in the employee being personally liable. For more information, please refer to the Direct Pay Instructions.

EFT Form & Instructions

The EFT Form is used to authorize the university to transfer funds electronically to your bank account for travel and AP reimbursements.

Employee Business Expense Advance

The Employee Business Expense Advance is used to obtain an advance for employee business expenses.

Gift Acknowledgment

The Gift Acknowledgment is to be used to acknowledge receipt of gifts.

Gift Preauthorization Request

Pre-authorization is required for all gift purchases. This form is to be used to obtain pre-authorization.

Lost Receipt Form

The Lost Receipt Form is used to certify that the merchandise or service listed on the form was received and that a duplicate copy of the invoice or sales slip could not be obtained. For more information about these services, please visit the ProCard website.

Pro-Card Application

The University offers the Procurement Credit Card (ProCard) as a payment option for the purchase of commodities and off-campus services.

Pro-Card Revision 

The Pro-Card Revision form is used when a Cardholder needs to make permanent revisions to their account, including changing their name, modifying single purchase or monthly limits, changing approving official(s), and changing the default chartfield string associated with the card. For more information about these services, please visit the ProCard website.

Requisition Form

The Purchase Requisition Form is used for the acquisition of commodities and services greater than $1,000. 

Sole Source Brand Form

The Sole Source Brand Form is used to justify purchasing commodities or services from a sole source as opposed to the state required competitive bidding process.

Special Services Form

Specials Services payments allow for the payment of one time services to individuals, who are not employees or student assistants of the university.