Athletic Grant-In-Aid

We recognize that student-athletes have the unique challenge of balancing the rigor of their academics and the demands of their sport (e.g., hours of practice, travel, and competition). We also realize that student-athletes who are on scholarship rely on their athletic grant-in-aid to assist them with paying tuition, fees, books and supplies, and/or living expenses. With these concerns in mind, the following information is provided to assist student-athletes and their parents in navigating athletic grant-in-aid and/or financial aid processes.

Athletic Grant-in-Aid (AGIA)

Athletic Grant-in-Aid is an athletic scholarship funded through private donations to the university's intercollegiate Athletics program.  The CSUB Athletics Department provides scholarships in 18 Division I sports. Recipients are typically determined by the head coach of each sport.  The coach also determines the amount of the award, in consultation with the Director of Athletics and/or the Athletic Compliance Officer, based on the student's athletic ability, academic eligibility, their sport's NCAA headcount or equivalency limits, and available funds. Coaches may propose an increase to an existing athletic grant-in-aid award at any time during the academic year. They may also reduce or cancel an award in accordance with the 2015-16 NCAA Division I Manual bylaw 15.3.4 - Reduction or Cancellation During Period of Award.

Note: Please be aware that NCAA rules may prohibit the receipt of financial aid or athletic aid in combination with other aid more than the cost of attendance or, in some instances, the cost of a full grant-in-aid.  The Federal Pell Grant is currently exempt from these limits.  Head coaches may place certain restrictions on the receipt of other countable aid as part of the athletic award.

Renewal of Athletic Scholarships

Notification of renewals and non-renewals will be sent to athletic scholarship recipients no later than July 1 prior to the award year in which it is to be effective.


Q: If I receive a quarterly athletic grant-in-aid award, when should I expect it to be disbursed into my university student account and any credit balance refunded to me?

A: Athletic Grant-in-Aid is disbursed along with all other aid at the beginning of each term. For more specific dates, please refer to the Refunding Schedule.

Q: If I receive a monthly athletic grant-in-aid award, when should I expect it to be disbursed into my university student account and any credit balance refunded to me?

A: Monthly awards are typically disbursed into your university account the week prior to the beginning of the month for which the award is designated (except for the first disbursement of each term). If your registration tuition fees are paid, a refund will be issued to you by the Student Financial Services Office within a few days after disbursement.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have questions about my athletic grant-in-aid award?

A: You should begin by talking with your coach.

Q: How do I appeal a reduction or cancellation of my Athletic Grant-in-Aid award?

A: Please refer to Procedures for Appeal of a Reduction or Cancellation of an Athletic Grant-in-Aid Award (below) for the proper procedures and the Athletic Grant-in-Aid Appeal Form.

Q: Whom should I contact if I want to file a grievance or appeal concerning an Athletics staff member's conduct or policy?

A: You should file a written statement to the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), Dr. Roy Lafever, Science II, Room 260, or to the CSUB Athletic Compliance Officer, Mr. Marcus Brown, Dezember Leadership Development Center (DLDC), Room 404.

NCAA Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund (SAOF)

A special fund has been established by the NCAA to meet the student-athletes' needs of an emergency and essential nature for which financial assistance is not available.

Pell-eligible student-athletes (except non-qualifiers in their initial year of residence), student-athletes who have demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, or a foreign student-athlete who has been certified by the Office of International Students and Scholars as having financial need are eligible to apply for these funds.

To apply for the NCAA SAOF, or for additional information, please contact the CSUB Athletic Compliance Officer, Mr. Marcus Brown, at (661) 654-2189.

Procedures for Appeal of a Reduction or Cancellation of Athletic Grant-in-Aid

A Financial Aid Appeal Hearing is an Administrative Procedure, not a Legal Procedure. As such, the following procedures will be utilized.

Initial Decision

  • If a coach recommends that a student athlete's athletic scholarship should be reduced or canceled, the Associate Athletic Director is notified.
  • The Associate Athletic Director will review documentation related to the appeal to determine appropriate due process, implications for the specific sport, implications for the student, etc. The Associate Director of Athletics will review the situation with the Director of Athletics and will either confirm the original decision or indicate a revised decision.
  • The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships' Athletic Grant-in-Aid Coordinator is notified in writing of any decision by the Athletic Department to revise a student-athlete's award.
  • The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships notifies the student of the change in financial aid, as well as the opportunity for the student to appeal.
  • Renewed and Non-Renewed Annual Athletic Grant-in-Aid Awards are postmarked by July 1st.


  • The objectives of the athletic appeal hearing committee are: Was aid reduced in accordance to NCAA bylaws section 15.3.4, Reduction or Cancellation During Period of Award; and should aid be reinstated if the cancellation was in violation of NCAA bylaws. The committee might also make the recommendation to forward ancillary issues related to student or staff conduct to a more appropriate committee for review.
  • The student may either accept the decision, or request an appeal hearing by completing and submitting the Athletic Grant Appeal Form. The deadline to submit this form is 10 business days from the date of Notice of Cancellation. The student may attach supporting documents and statements from other individuals for review by the Hearing Committee.
  • The Athletic Department will be asked to prepare a written statement relating why the Athletic Scholarship should be reduced or canceled. The Athletic Department may attach supporting documents and statements from other individuals for review by the Hearing Committee.
  • All written materials must be provided at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled hearing, so all members of the Hearing Committee will have time to adequately prepare.
  • Written statements from each party will be provided to the student and coach for review.
  • The student and a representative from the Athletic Department may be present during all parts of the hearing, except during the committee's deliberation. The student and the Athletic Department representative may have a support person present, but this individual cannot participate in the hearing process.
  • All hearings are closed, and all hearing information shall remain confidential. The appeal hearing will generally proceed in the following manner: The committee chair will introduce the committee, the student, the Athletic Department representative, and any support persons, and ask if any participants have questions concerning procedures related to the hearing.
  • Both the student and the Athletic Department will be given five minutes to summarize the major points from their written statements.
  • The committee will direct questions to the student or the Athletic Department representative. The committee may also elect to interview other students or staff if needed.
  • The committee Chair will determine when all appropriate information has been heard and call for deliberation. All persons are then excused from the hearing room except the committee members.
  • The committee deliberates in executive session until a decision is made. The decision is based on the preponderance of evidence and is decided by a simple majority vote.
  • The student will be notified in writing of the committee's decision as soon as possible following the conclusion of the hearing.
  • The decision of the Committee shall be the final appeal related to the financial aid package.
  • Appeals are typically reviewed within 15 business days, at which point a hearing will be scheduled if: (1) the matter has not already been resolved; and (2) the student-athlete has followed the proper appeal procedures.

Support Person

  • A support person for the student is an individual who is present solely to provide emotional support and/or advice to the student. A support person for the student cannot participate in the hearing process, nor may he/she address any member of the committee or the Athletic Department representative.
  • A support person for the Athletic Department is generally the head coach of the sport in which the student competed as a scholarship athlete. A support person for the Athletic Department cannot participate in the hearing process, nor may he/she address any member of the committee or the student.

The Hearing Committee

The committee for this hearing is comprised of the Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships (as chair), the Associate or Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships, the Financial Aid Office Athletic Grant-in-Aid Coordinator, the ASI President (or their designee), a designated faculty member, and other staff member(s) as designated by the chair (as needed). An Athletic Compliance office staff member may be included for NCAA bylaw clarifications.

Important Links

CSUB Athletics Homepage

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Applying for Financial Aid (other than Athletic Grant-in-Aid)

The CSUB Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships (OFA&S) offers a variety of grant, academic scholarship, work-study, and student loan programs to give financial options to all families, no matter what their need or resources. You should begin by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for both need-and non-need-based aid at CSUB. The priority FAFSA filing date is March 2 and applicants applying by this deadline will receive priority consideration for funds with limited allocations. This free form is used nationwide to determine aid eligibility by collecting income, asset, and demographic data about the student and their family. CSUB's federal code for the FAFSA is 007993. For more information on Getting Started: Steps to Financial Aid, please visit the Applying for Aid link on our website.

Notification of Aid Eligibility

Once the student has completed the FAFSA, been admitted to the University, and provided all required documents needed to complete their financial aid file (which are posted to their myCSUB Student Self-Service Link To-Do List), their aid eligibility will be determined, and an Award Notification will be e-mailed to the student. If you receive any off-campus awards, please notify your coach, as well as the OFA&S by completing a Scholarship Disclosure Form. If you have been offered an Athletic Grant-in-Aid, your financial aid Award Notification may not include your Grant-in-Aid. When you have been determined to be eligible for your Athletic Grant-in-Aid according to applicable NCAA, conference and institutional regulations, your financial aid package will be revised accordingly to include your Athletic Grant- in-Aid.

CSUB Scholarships

Scholarships are considered "Gift-Aid" and are funded by corporations, non-profit organizations, and individual donors. Recipients are typically determined through a competitive application process based on academic achievement, financial need, and/or criteria established by the donor. Donors may elect to defer the determination of the criteria to the school. Proceeds of the scholarship are used to help offset recipients' cost of education. Students may apply for CSUB Scholarships online using CSUB Academic Works.

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