Special Circumstances

While federal student aid regulations dictate the process by which schools administer financial aid, they also allow CSUB to apply Professional Judgement in special circumstances to alter a student's budget and/or their data used in the calculation of their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as warranted with proper documentation.

The request for consideration of a special circumstance is a type of appeal, in which the financial aid office's decision is final. Special Circumstances categories include:

Additional Expenses

A student can use this appeal to document expenses they have incurred beyond what has already been budgeted in their standard cost of attendance. Categories may include:

  • Excessive transportation expenses due to commuting from outside of Bakersfield
  • Uninsured medical, dental, or optical expenses
  • Vehicle repair expenses for the car you use to commute to and from school
  • Costs for dependent care
  • The purchase of a personal computer needed for school.

Please complete the CSUB Cost of Attendance Adjustment Form and attach receipts.

Change in Financial Situation (e.g., loss of income)

If a student and/or parent has experienced a situation that has altered their financial profile from that which is reflected on the current academic year's FAFSA, they may file an appeal by completing a CSUB Loss of Income Form. Categories may include:

  • A significant decrease in income for student and/or parent
  • Loss of Social Security benefits or other untaxed income for student and/or parent
  • A married student or parent becoming separated, divorced, or widowed after filing the FAFSA.

Please complete the CSUB Loss of Income Form and attach supporting documentation.

Dependency Appeals

Students who do not meet the federal definition of an independent student, but who meet one of the following extraordinary circumstances, my submit an appeal for a Dependency Override. Such overrides are determined on a case-by-case basis and require thorough documentation of the student's situation from the student as well as other family members, law enforcement officers, medical doctors, teachers, and/or clergy.

The following circumstances may QUALIFY a student for a Dependency override:

  • Abuse: The student must leave the home for their own safety due to an abusive situation
  • Abandonment: The student was abandoned by their parents

The following are examples of circumstances that DO NOT QUALIFY for dependency override:

  • Parents refuse to contribute to your education
  • Parents are unwilling to provide information on the FAFSA or for verification
  • Parents do not claim the student as a dependent for income tax purposes
  • Student demonstrates total self-sufficiency

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