2018-19 Forms

Forms used by students for FA eligibility requirements, changes, and petitions.
Form Name Description

Athletic Grant Appeal Form

Used by student-athletes who want to file an appeal regarding a reduction or cancellation of their Athletic Grant-in-Aid Award, and they have already discussed the matter with their coach, and the Athletics Director or Associate Director.

California Registered Domestic Partner

Used by students who are listed with the California Secretary of State as a registered domestic partner.

Certification of US Citizenship/Immigration Status

Used by students as a secondary citizenship verification when the US Citizenship and Immigration Services is unable to confirm their status.

Cost of Attendance Adjustment

Used by students to request an increase to their standard Cost of Attendance based on additional education-related expenses incurred during the academic year.

Dependency Override

Used by students to request independent status for financial aid purposes, based on extenuating circumstances.

Direct PLUS Loan Addendum

Used by a student’s parent(s) who are interested in borrowing a Federal Parent PLUS Loan.

Certification of Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose

Used to verify your identity and re-certify your Statement of Educational Purpose. You must provide proper identification and sign this form in the presence of a Financial Aid staff member, or it may be signed in the witness of a Notary Public.

Loan/Term Adjustment Form

Used by students to request a change to their student loan (new request, increase, decrease, or decline), or to inform CSUB that you will not be attending one or more terms during the academic year.

Parent Income Verification

Used to verify income for parents of dependent students who reported that they will not file a Federal Income Tax Return.

Loan Discharge Certification

Used by students who have had prior student loans discharged due to total or permanent disability, but now want to request to borrow new student loans.

Alternative Loan Questionnaire

Used by students who are interested in borrowing an Alternative Loan from a private lender. Alternative loans are unsecured educational loans through private lenders (not the federal government). These loans typically have much higher interest rates, loan tuition fees, and/or payments than the Federal Direct Student Loans, and should only be used when the student has exhausted all other options. Thus, for those students who apply for an alternative loan through a private lender, please be aware that:

  • the lender will require you to complete a Private Alternative Loan Self-Certification Form;
  • the OFA&S will require that you have already completed a FAFSA (so that we can determine Stafford or any other aid eligibility first), as well as an Alternative Loan Questionnaire (so you understand the terms of the loan), before we will certify this loan.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Petition

Used by students who have not maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress, but want to appeal due to mitigating factors that have hindered their progress, such as illness, death of a family member, etc.

Scholarship Disclosure Form

Used by students to notify CSUB of any off-campus scholarships they have been awarded.

Spouse Income Verification

Used to verify income for a student's spouse who reported that they will not file a Federal Income Tax Return.

Student Income Verification

Used to verify income for students who reported that they will not file a Federal Income Tax Return.

Cal Grant Transfer Entitlement Verification

Used by students who are requesting a Transfer Entitlement Grant.

VA Education Benefit Verification Worksheet

Used by students to notify CSUB of their VA education benefits. Please note that the student will also need to contact the CSUB Veterans' Coordinator, Ms. Katie Schneider, at kschneider@csub.edu or by calling (661) 654-3390.

Verification of Dependency Form

Used for undergraduate or post-baccalaureate teacher credential students who are independent solely by virtue of being a foster youth, emancipated minor, or homeless, must use this worksheet to verify their situation.

Household Size/Number in College Verification

Used to verify the number of dependents in the household, as well as the number enrolled at least half-time in college.

Work-Study Questionnaire

Used by students, who have been awarded Work-Study as part of their financial aid award package, to accept or decline their award.

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