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California State University, Bakersfield

Biology Department 9001 Stockdale Highway Bakersfield, CA 93311-1099

Telephone (661) 654-3167 Fax (661) 654-6956 Bird Rescue Hotline (661) 654-BIRD

Please bring injured or orphaned raptors to the CSUB Science Building stockroom during business hours and to the Campus Public Safety office 24/7.

Each year the Facility for Animal Care and Treatment (FACT) receives many nestling raptors, primarily Barn Owls and American Kestrels, with a few individuals of several other different species. Sometimes these baby birds have been made orphans by a thoughtless person who shoots the parents, sometimes the birds have fallen out of nests too high to reach, and sometimes the nest site is a temporary structure, such as a haystack, which must be moved.

If the animals are not seriously injured, they can be successfully reared and released back into the wild. This is only to be done by organizations and agencies that have extensive training and all of the state and federal permits required to be an authorized raptor rehabilitation facility. Severe injuries or deformities sometimes require that the animal be humanely euthanized. Every effort is made, however, to save any animal that has a good chance of eventually growing to a stage at which it can live independently in a natural environment.

baby buteos  Alison Sheehey - Nature Ali.org. All rights reservedIf you find a baby bird, please try to put it in a tree or other high place as many times the parents are nearby. If no parent shows up by the end of the day, then, place the bird in a box and bring inside. FACT does not have the staff to take care of orphaned birds except raptors. You can try to raise the bird yourself and release when it is ready, generally sooner than you realize.

Friends of FACT support the wildlife rehabilitation aspect of our program by sales of items at our monthly open house and annual barbecue. Join the fun, become a friend of FACT. Our effectiveness is dependent upon our members, donors and benefactors.

Local wildlife, especially birds of prey, and endangered species, the school and the community have benefited from FACT since 1975.

Dr. David Germano is the Director of FACT and ESA;  Ms. Marlene Hensley
is the Coordinator of ESA/FACT. Students and volunteers help in the daily operation of the facility under Ms. Hensley.

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