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Extension Programs Refund Policy

Course Cancellation for Any Reason
A full refund will be made.

Certificate Programs
Application fees are non-refundable.

Course fees are refunded as follows:
If course is dropped BEFORE first class class meeting you will will receive a full refund minus $25.  If you drop a course AFTER the first class meeting, but prior to the third class meeting you will receive a 60% refund.  No refunds after the third class meeting.

Project Management Certificate
Application fees are non-refundable.

Drop BEFORE the first date of class and receive a full refund minus $25.  Drop AFTER the first date but before the fourth date of the class and receive a 60% refund.  No refund after the fourth date of class.  Dates include weekends and holidays.

CAADAC Written Test Preparation Course
No refund once you have logged into the course.

Pre-MBA Courses
No refund once you have been given your access code and have accessed the course.

Face-to-Face Courses with Three or Fewer Meetings
Drop before the first day of class and receive a full refund minus $25.  No refund once class begins.

Refund Requests
It is the responsibility of the student to complete a drop form and refund request. 

Refunds for canceled courses will be processed automatically.

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