Requirements for Insurance with CSUB Facility Rental

Insurance for Non-Instructional Events

The California state University requires that all service contractors/outside organizations provide current evidence of General Liability Insurance coverage while performing any work or using facilities at the University in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate and Automobile Liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000.

Evidence of Workers Compensation is also required. In addition, the service contractors/outside organization is required to provide evidence that the University is named as additional insured on general liability, professional liability and automobile policies and this must be evidenced by an additional insured endorsement form to the policy certificate, which must include the following wording:

"Per the additional endorsement form XXX, the State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, California State University, Bakersfield (Foundation, Student Union, Student Recreation Center, and Auxiliary for Sponsored Programs, as applicable) and their officers, employees, representatives and volunteers are included as additional insured's with respect to liability arising out of the rental of the facility, including work or operations performed by or on behalf of the renter and materials, parts, or equipment furnished in connection with such work or operations. This insurance is primary and non-contributory over any existing insurance."

The certificates need to indicate that the coverage provided contains the following provisions:

  • That the insurer will not cancel or modify the insured's coverage without 30 days prior written notice to the University:
  • The State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, California State University, Bakersfield and their officers, employees, representatives and volunteers will not be responsible for any payments of premiums on the policies.
  • The insurance coverage must be provided by a carrier licensed by the State of California to transact insurance, and hold a current A.M. Best rating of no less than A: VII.

Please have certificates and endorsements with the wording as shown above faxed or emailed to the Event Coordinator and follow with the original documents in the mail. If you need further assistance, please call or email the Event Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

State Fire Marshall Approval

The following information must be submitted to California State University, Bakersfield at least 14 working days before an event requiring State Fire Marshal approval:
At a minimum the items listed below shall be shown and identified on the plans:

  1. Emergency access for fire equipment must be provided.
  2. Location of all grandstands, stages, tents, temporary fencing, cooking areas, generators, vendors, etc.
  3. Location of all exits, path of travel to exits, and specify all exit and exit aisle widths.
  4. Location of tables and chairs and/or chair rows.
  5. Location of fire extinguishers and electrical panels.
Final approval of the permit may be subject to a field inspection. Stand-by personnel may be required for the event at the discretion of the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

All events shall be conducted in accordance with the Fire and Life Safety requirements of Title 19, Title 24, and the conditions noted on the permit. Non-compliance with either the code requirements or the noted conditions shall invalidate your permit.

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