We hope you are able to find answers to any questions you may have. Please contact Office of Events Staff with any more questions about planning an event at CSU Bakersfield.

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How do I book an event at CSUB?

For on-campus entities, please refer to our Online Scheduling system, 25Live. Follow the steps listed and request your event at least 2 weeks in advance. Contact an Event Scheduler for the specific space requested with any more questions.

For off-campus groups, a Facility Use Application must be filled out and faxed or emailed to the Event Scheduler for the requested space. You can find a list of CSU Bakersfield Facility Rental spaces with contact information here.

What event spaces are available to me?

There are many spaces available to on-campus staff, faculty and students as well as any off-campus individual or group. We welcome anybody to make use of the variety of facilities available and enjoy the hospitality of the CSUB events staff.

Please review our Venue spaces and call or email the listed Event Coordinator with any questions regarding availability and facility use. Once you have chosen a space and have a confirmed date and time, fill out a Facility Use Application and return a completed and signed copy to the Event Scheduler. 

We are happy to meet you on campus to show you different spaces available to you before confirming your reservation.

Please contact the Event Coordinator to find out about rental charges and other campus charges associated with that specific facility.

Can I have Live Entertainment at my event?

We strongly encourage supporting local musicians. If you do not have a particular group or musician in mind, feel free to contact James Scully, CSUB Music Professor at jscully@csub.edu.

For outdoor events, accommodations are necessary for Sound Production. We work closely with Pacific West Sound for many of our larger Amphitheater events. Feel free to find your own Sound Production team although we do advise you to visit the site with them in order to have the entertainment go as smooth as possible.

For smaller, indoor meetings and events, our ITS department may be able to assist you with the equipment they have available. Please contact ITS directly to find out what is needed and available for your event.

What is required for off-campus guests?

CSU Bakersfield has California State regulated policies that every event must follow. Please see the detailed information regarding Insurance, Health Permits and ABC permits.

Your Event Coordinator can let you know what your specific event needs while not all events need Insurance. Please allow at least 2 weeks for your Insurance provider to provide the necessary documents to CSUB.

How is Parking handled for my event?

Anytime off-campus guests for any event will be parking on CSUB campus, University Police must be notified. Your Event scheduler will help with this process. UPD needs to know the amount of guests, the amount of expected cars and the length of time they will be staying on campus. They will determine the amount of spaces needed, the personnel required and any signage necessary for the event.

All cars on campus must show a valid permit, wether it is a student/faculty permit or a temporary day pass. For small events or for visiting campus, daily permits can be purchased at one of our campus Parking Kiosks. For larger events, the Event requestor will work with UPD to exempt specific lots for your guests to park in. These charges will be billed to the event requestor. However, there are discounted rates for groups with reserved facilities on campus.

Please look through the UPD charges or contact the Event coordinator for exact charges for your specific event.

If I have a venue in mind, how do I book the space?

All booking must be done through an Event Coordinator. You can view the list of spaces with the appropriate contact information. Be sure to have all date and time information available.

If you are CSUB student, faculty or staff, you will need to input your event into 25Live and wait for a confirmation from the Scheduler. Please have all the necessary information available before requesting your event.

If you are an off-campus group, please contact the appropriate Event Coordinator before sending in a Facility Use Application. Your event will then be entered into our Online Scheduling system and you will be given a Facility Use Contract to sign before your event takes place.

How much will my event cost?

The pricing of each event varies depending on the specific venue, the date and time frame and the specific details of your event. Please contact the Event Coordinatorr for a comprehensive estimate.

Some of the common charges come from:

-UPD personnel and Parking

-Information Technology Services

-Facilities Management

-CSUB Catering and linen rentals

-Specific room rental charges

-Off-campus equipment rental: CSUB works closely with Walker Lewis Rents 

-Refundable $1,000 deposit for certain events along with a non-refundable $200 Bio-Survey for Amphitheater events only.

How early or late can I begin planning my event?

We recommend at least a 1 month reservation time for students and faculty within our Online Scheduling system. If you are requesting within the 25Live system, it will not allow you to input a date within a 14 day or  10 business day period.

For off-campus guests, we suggest planning with at least 12 weeks in advance. This will allow us to get all the necessary Service Providers involved, process the required Insurance from your insurance provider as well as Health and ABC permits. Please visit our Sample Event Timeline to review important details about event planning at CSUB.

If you have not been to campus and do not know the space you are wanting to use and/or are inviting guests, please allow about 4 months in advance. This time will allow you to visit campus, reserve the space and other CSUB services, attain necessary Insurance documents and notify guests.

Where do I find a CSUB campus map?

Find the campus map here along with useful campus phone numbers for your visit.

Note: You will need a daily parking permit each visit to CSUB campus.

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