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Thank you for choosing CSU Bakersfield to host your event. CSUB offers full-service event planning and vendor services, from corporate meetings and retreats to lectures and social events. CSUB has many venues on campus that may be perfectly suited for your next event. CSUB can accommodate groups of just about any size with options for both indoor and outdoor venues. Our friendly and professional staff will help manage your events in order for everything to run as smooth as possible. Please follow the guide below to planning your event at CSUB.

CSUB is a venue for local and regional events from groups of 10 to 5,000!

Cultural Events
A cultural event is an event that educates, stimulates, espouses diversity of people, promotes the fine arts, or lends itself to the broadening of perspectives.

Corporate Events
Corporate events, whether for business or pleasure, are thrown by a company or corporation for their employees to meet, socialize, or celebrate.

Educational Events
An educational event can consist of anything from a lecture to a training or seminar, in either an interactive or stationary setting.

Social Events
Social events are held by individuals or businesses and vary in style; from a wedding, to a wine tasting, to a holiday party.

Open Quote
We chose CSUB because it is the perfect venue for our kind of event. Our music ranges from 'lounge on the grass and listen' to 'swing each other around in the Celtic mosh pit'. There is ample room for both. The amphitheater design allows vendors to enjoy the show while they work. We have been there five years in a row. The staff, from grounds to campus police, is exceptionally helpful. They make it a great experience. Close Quote
David Stroud
Kern County Scottish Society