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Plan a Run at CSUB

Thank you for thinking of CSUB for your Run. We have hosted many different Run Routes on campus:

  • Fun Run
  • 5K
  • 10K
  • Off-campus runs that run through campus
  • On-campus runs that run off campus

We have pre-approved routes for your accessibility. Please use the links to the left to see what is available for your use. Feel free to use a suggested route and follow the necessary guidelines. If you choose to map out your own route, before the Run is confirmed, you must meet with Event Coordinator Ellie Fergon, UPD Chief Martin Williamson and Safety & Risk Manager Tim Ridley. Please contact Ellie Fergon to set up this appointment at least 2 months before your Run.

  • All Runs will require Approved Liability Insurance and Additionally Insured Insurance.
  • All Runs will require UPD participation and they will determine what is needed for the route as well as the amount of participants.
  • If your Run is starting and finishing on campus, parking will need to be reserved by the host through Event Coordinator Ellie Fergon.
  • Runs that start and/or finish off campus must contact BPD to coordinate road closures and signage. NOTE: CSUB does not coordinate any off-campus reservations.
  • All Runs on campus will need to be entered into the CSUB Online Scheduling system 25Live and approved by University Police Department, Safety and Risk Management and by a CSUB Cabinet member.