Program Requirements

Both courses must be completed to receive a certificate of completion.  A grade of "C" or better must be obtained in each course to consider it passing.  Courses carry Continuing Education units (CEU) and hold no academic unit value and can not be counted towards a degree unless a university or university department agrees.


BA 8041 Managing Human Resources (Offered Fall Semester) - 3.0 CEU

This practical, interactive class is designed to give a basic, realistic view of human resource management basics. Gain knowledge and classroom experience in Federal labor law, State labor law, legal reporting/compliance basics, job analysis, design, descriptions and specifications, recruiting channels, planning, tracking, basic interviewing, assessments, selection, tracking/analysis, and legal compliance. .Students will gain knowledge in performance appraisal, promotions, compensation and benefits, employee relations, legal issues, developing and administering a compensation plan, documentation, benefits plan types, legislation (FMLA, COBRA-ERISA), employee health and welfare programs, termination and rehires, references for former employees, and sexual harassment, policy and procedures, violence in the work place, strategic HR planning, succession planning, training, needs assessment, training administration, training evaluation, employee development vs. training, career development, mentoring programs, labor relations, collective bargaining, grievance management.

BA 802 California Labor Laws and Regulations (Offered Spring Semester) - 3.0 CEU

Review of the entire CA Chamber of Commerce, Labor Law Digest Contemporary issues in State and Federal Labor Law, legal documentation, checklists, and forms. CA specific regulations regarding wage and hour, leaves of absences, discrimination, hiring and discipline will be reviewed in depth.