Program Requirements

The program consists of ten courses that provide the core knowledge and skills areas as described in the certification manual from CCAPP.  Students who successfully complete all ten courses with a grade of "C" or better (a "C-" or below is not a passing grade and the course must be retaken) will receive a certificate of completion from CSUB Extended University. 

This CSUB certificate of completion is not the same as the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certificate awarded by CCAPP.  Our program fulfills the education requirements set forth by the CCAPP, and once completed you are eligible to submit a portfolio and apply for State testing through CCAPP.

We do not permit testing out of any course.

Courses to be completed

  1. BEHS 8000 Professional Writing for Chemical Dependency Counselors (Recommended for new students)
  2. BEHS 8010 Introduction to Chemical Dependency Counseling (Required for new students)
  3. BEHS 8020 Physiology and Pharmacology of Alcohol & Drugs (Prerequisite: BEHS 8010)
  4. BEHS 8030 Law & Ethics, Community Prevention, Education, Outreach & Referral (Prerequisite: BEHS 8010)
  5. BEHS 8040 Introduction to Case Management (Prerequisite: BEHS 8010)
  6. BEHS 8050 Chemical Dependency Counseling: Individual, Family, and Group Counseling (Prerequisites: BEHS 8010 & BEHS 8080)
  7. BEHS 8060 Personal and Professional Growth for the Chemical Dependency Counselor (Prerequisite: BEHS 8010)
  8. BEHS 8080 Basic Counseling Theories for the Chemical Dependency Counselor (Prerequisite: BEHS 8010)
  9. BEHS 8090 Chemical Dependency Assessment (Prerequisite: BEHS 8010)
  10. BEHS 8070 Seminar: Practicum in Chemical Dependency Counseling (Supervised Field Placement) (Prerequisites: All courses must be successfully completed before this course)

Program Brochure with Course Descriptions

Additional Requirements and Policies

Students who do not take courses for two or more consecutive quarters/semesters will be automatically discontinued from the program. Discontinued students may re-enter the program by submitting a new application and paying the current application fee. Students re-entering the program must abide by the most current program requirements. Transcripts will be reviewed and a determination of acceptable prior coursework will be made by the program director.