Reading and Literacy Added Authorization  

Under Common Core standards, teachers are to use “complex and varied” texts to help students learn reading comprehension. Do you have the skills to help your students achieve this?

The Reading and Literacy Added Authorization program at CSU Bakersfield will equip you to meet the Common Core requirement and enrich the learning experience of your students!

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • 3.0 GPA in last 90 units of all coursework
  • Valid teaching credential
  • One set of transcripts with degree posted (can be unofficial)

Program Information

  • Reading and Literacy Added Authorization  courses can be completed in 12 months
  • Students must have three years of teaching experience before applying to CTC for the Reading Certificate, but years of experience are not required to begin taking courses for the certificate.
  • Students enrolled in the MA in Education: C&I degree program can use the certificate courses to fulfill elective requirements in the C&I program.
  • Cost: $420 per unit


EDLT 6100 Creating a Culture of Literacy in Diverse Settings (3)

This course will examine the fundamentals of literacy development. It focuses on landmark and current research (both qualitative and quantitative) related to the components of literacy acquisition process. Course content will include the strategic use of literacy levels across various contexts including the role of technology in literacy development. Topics also include the following: orality; phonemics and phonetics; word recognition, fluency, reading comprehension, visualization, vocabulary development; written language development, motivation, and other aspects of the developmental and socio-cultural experience. By the end of the course, it is expected that students will be able to articulate a sound vision of a culture of literacy which is conducive to the unique needs of all students and is consistent with the classroom, school, district, and community expectations.

EDLT 6200 Writing Strategies, Assessment, and Intervention (3)

This introductory course examines the following: (a) current research and theory on what constitutes an effective "culture of literacy" including reading, writing listening, and speaking; (b) role of assessment/evaluation in written language development through instruction and differentiation, (c) written language development of English Language and English Only Learners. Prerequisites: None.

EDLT 6300 Literacy Instruction and Assessment (3)

This course provides candidates with an opportunity to plan, organize, and integrate differentiated literacy instruction for all students. Literacy materials, assessments, and instructional/ intervention models are examined and implemented. Candidates apply knowledge by designing and implementing a classroom literacy intervention in a small group format that addresses the unique needs of all students in the diverse classrooms. In addition, this course provides opportunities for candidates to learn methods to assist teachers in using grade level or school-wide assessment data to implement and revise instructional programs and to plan, implement, and evaluate school-wide professional development.

EDLT 6400 Comprehension Strategies, Assessment, and Intervention (3)

This course focuses on the place of comprehension as one of the most significant aspects of promoting a culture of literacy. Current theory and research on the relationship between comprehension and literacy acquisition/proficiency are explored. Instructional/intervention strategies and materials to support comprehension for all students, including English Learners and students with special needs at the early, intermediate, and fluent levels are studied. Specific topics include background knowledge, culturally responsive pedagogy, response to intervention, concept formation, vocabulary development, narrative and expository text structure analysis, independent reading, and cross-cultural practices.