Financial Aid - Degree Programs

Programs offered through Regional Programs are eligible for Financial Aid. The CSUB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships administers a number of financial aid programs to enable students without adequate financial resources to attend classes. Funding for eligible applicants may include moneys from grants, loans, and scholarships.

The information on this page is for general use and not intended as Financial Aid advising. Students planning to apply for Financial Aid should visit the CSUB Financial Aid & Scholarships home page at

Additional Information:

  • Students must be admitted to the University to be eligible for financial aid
  • Priority date for filing for financial aid is March 2.  Financial Aid applications are typically available January 2.
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Late applications are accepted after the priority date, but awards to late applicants are dependent upon the availability of remaining funds. Processing of the FAFSA by electronic submission is 7-14 days faster than sending an application via the USPS.
  • The Signature Page is a very important aspect of the FAFSA. Once you have input all the required data, you should then print the Signature Page.
  • Be sure to provide all required signatures and mail the page to the federal processor as instructed.
  • You will automatically be sent a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you apply for Federal financial aid. Your PIN can be used to correct your FAFSA information over the Internet, file a Renewal FAFSA for subsequent years, and gain access to other useful Department of Education web sites.
  • You should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) in the mail about two weeks after sending your electronic FAFSA.
  • The schools listed on the FAFSA will receive electronic copies of your SAR and is used for financial aid eligibility calculations.
  • Once your award is determined, you will receive a financial aid award letter via e-mail. Review it carefully, and follow the instructions included with the award letter.
  • If you plan to receive financial aid and you register for classes, be sure to complete and submit a Payment Form with your registration. Your fees will be deducted from your award once your award is verified by the Regional Programs Office. Should your financial aid not disburse, you will be financially responsible for all fees.
  • Keep in touch with your Financial Aid officer. Maintain your own file of all financial records, and copies of all documents that you send to complete your financial aid file.