Presentation Title:

Ethics in Teaching Education

About Speakers:

Dr. Penny Swenson is Professor and Chair of the Advanced Educational Studies program at CSUB. She is the force behind bringing this great panel together! She will also serve as a facilitator to this panel.

Cameron Guinn is a recent MA in Educational Administration graduate. He started his career in education as an instructional paraprofessional while getting his degree. Cameron now is a math teacher at the Blanton Center. He was very involved in student activities at CSUB.

Jill Jimenez will soon to be an Educational Administration graduate. She is the counselor at the Blanton Center. While this may sound like a challenging and difficult assignment, Jill enjoys what she does.

Ed Watts completed the Educational Administration program two years ago. He now is the Dean of Students at Highland High School. Before becoming a school administrator, he was a high school teacher and quite successful coach.

Amber Gates is Working toward the MA and credential in Educational Administration. She is the Literacy Intervention Teacher at Kern Avenue Elementary. Amber was involved in student activities while at CSUB including cheerleading.

Erica Rezac teaches elementary in the Bakersfield City School District. She will complete her MA in the spring. Outgoing and bright, Erica was very involved in student activities including a sorority while a student at CSUB.

Doug Ihmels recently completed the MA program. Doug teaches third grade at Pond School, in a small rural single school district. He was a runner in college and beyond and he needs those speed skills when he helps out at his school.