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ERM Requirements

Nonmajor University-Wide Requirements
for B.S. in Environmental Resource Management

Students must complete CSU general education and other university-wide requirements in addition to major requirements to be awarded a baccalaureate degree. A few courses in most majors simultaneously meet a university-wide requirement. The following university-wide requirements are not automatically met in the course of completing major requirements for the B.S. in Environmental Resource Management.

  1. First-Year Experience for CSUB Entering Freshman: CSUB 101 (2 units)
  2. Two American Institutions courses: U.S. History and US/California government
  3. Foreign Language Proficiency (2 years of high school language or 1 college course)
  4. Three courses in CSU General Education Area A: A1 (Speaking and listening), A2 (Reading and writing), and A3 (Writing-critical thinking)
  5. All CSU General Education Area B requirements can be met through completion of major requirements. e.g., B1/B3 Life Science: BIOL 103; B2/B3 Physical science (GEOL 205) and B4 Mathematics (MATH 140)
  6. Three courses in CSU General Education Area C selected from three different areas: C1 (Art or performing arts), C2 (Foreign languages), C3 (History), C4 (Literature), and C5 (Philosophy and religious studies)
  7. One course in CSU General Education Area D selected from D1 (Anthropology), D4 (Psychology), or D5 (Sociology). Note: Area D3 is covered by the American Institutions requirement (US/California government) and Area D2 is covered in the major (Econ 201)
  8. One courses satisfying the Upper Division General Education Theme 2 requirement (Arts and Humanities). Note: Theme 1 (Natural Sciences and Technology) is covered in the major (SCI 351B or SCI 352B). Theme 3 (Social and Behavioral Science also is covered in the major (ECON 370 or PPA 340).
  9. The Graduation Writing Assessment requirement (GWAR) is covered in the major (COMM 304).
  10. One Gender, Race, and Ethnicity requirement (GRE) course

Requirements for the Major in Environmental Resource Management

1.         Computer and Statistical Skills (2 courses)

            MATH 140

            One of the following:  CMPS 120 or MIS 200A

2.         Communication and Management Skills (3 courses)

            COMM 304, MGMT 430

            One of the following:  MGMT 300, 460 or PPA 465

3.         Life Science (2 courses)

            Two approved life science courses.  The following pairs are recommended:

            BIOL 103 and SCI 355A, BIOL 250 and 255

4.         Physical Science (5 courses)

            CHEM 101, 150, GEOL 201 or 205, SCI 351B, 352B

5.         Environmental Policy Analysis (4 courses)

            ECON 201, 370, PPA 340

            One of the following:

            ECON 320, 395, 453 or PPA 430

6.         Law and Compliance (4 courses)

            PPA 325, 450, INST 420

            One of the following:  ERM 300, ECON 404, approved science or math elective  

7.         Senior Seminar (2 courses)

            ERM 490A and 490B

8.   Concentration (4 Courses)

A minimum of 17 quarter units are required for a concentration. One of the following concentrations or four (4) approved electives must be completed. Note: The concentration can be completed at Bakersfield College or taken as part of another approved community college program. Courses in the concentration cannot be double counted as courses in the major. 

a. Aera Energy Occupational Safety and Health Management Concentration

ERM 301, 302, 310, 320 

b. Land Use Planning and Policy Concentration

One of the following:  ECON 320 or 395

Three courses selected from the following or others approved by the advisor:  SOC 367, ECON 390, PPA 479, ANTH 415, PSYC 332, BEHS 321, PPA 340 

c. Environmental Health Concentration

Students interested in pursuing careers in the Environmental Health field and/or in becoming a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) must consult the program Director.