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Connections for Success

The Paramount Student Scholars faculty and staff mentorship program has been established at CSU Bakersfield (CSUB) in partnership with Roll Global LLC since 2012. The program was established to provide CSUB students who are recipients of the Paramount Scholarship with individual mentorship.


  • Mentees will follow their academic roadmap based on their respective major.
  • Mentees who have not declared a major will be better informed and encouraged to declare a major prior to beginning their second year at CSUB.
  • Mentees will have knowledge of the various student support services available at CSUB including the Academic Advising and Resource Center, the tutoring centers, and My Writing Lab to name a few.
  • Mentees will have visited the student support services mentioned above and the Center for Community Engagement and Career Education (CECE) at least once during the academic year.
  • Mentees will attend the quarterly program events with their respective mentor.
  • Mentees can access the Resource Handbook here.


  • Mentors will contact their respective mentee at least once a month during the academic year.  The meetings do not include the mandatory events.
  • Mentors will attend the quarterly program events with their mentees.
  • Mentors will utilize GradesFirst to document student progress.
  • Mentors will utilize campus resources to make appropriate referrals when certain at-risk factors are identified.  The at-risk factors may be in areas of academics as well as personal life.
  • Mentors will continue to provide support, based on availability, beyond the 2014-2015 academic year.