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Group I

Field 1


ENGL 525 Chaucer

Field 2


ENGL 533 Seventeenth-Century British Literature or
ENGL 535 Shakespeare 

Group II

Field 3

Restoration/18th Century British

ENGL 541 Eighteenth-Century British Literature or
ENGL 576 Development of the English Novel 

Field 4

19th Century British

ENGL 552 Nineteenth-Century British Literature

Field 5

20th Century British

ENGL 564 Twentieth-Century Poetry or
ENGL 565 Postcolonial Literature or
ENGL 568 Modern British Novel 

Group III

Field 6

Early American

ENGL 582 Early American Literature or
ENGL 583 Later Nineteenth-Century American Literature 

Field 7

Later American

ENGL 580 Ethnic Literature or
ENGL 584 Modern American Literature or
ENGL 585 Contemporary American Literature 

Group IV

Field 8

Textual Analysis

ENGL 504 Approaches to the Analysis of Writing

Field 9

Theory of Composition

ENGL 505 Rhetorical Theory

Group V

Field 10

Instruction in Comp./Lit

ENGL 506 Composition Theory and Practice or
ENGL 578 Special Methods in the Instruction of Literature 

Field 11

Basic Writing/ESL

ENGL 507 Writing in a Second Language or
ENGL 508 Teaching Basic Writers 

Group VI

Field 12

Ethnic Literature

ENGL 565 Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 580 Ethnic Literature