Research expertise 

  • Reservoir mapping and characterization
  • CO2 EOR and sequestration feasibility/baseline studies
  • Shale and sandstone digenesis
  • Mapping of produced and "protected" waters
  • Geostatistics

Faculty experts

  • Jan Gillespie
  • Junhua Guo
  • Robert Horton
  • Eduardo Montoya 

Petroleum Geology Research

provenance study

Provenance study of east-side San Joaquin Valley sediments using detrital zircon dating technique (Robbins et al., 2014).

east side petrographic study

Diagenetic history of Vedder Formation, east side, San Joaquin Valley from petrographic study using transmitting light and scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffractometry (Horton et al., in review, Geol. Soc. Lond. Spec. Publ.)

result pressure response

results: maps

Reservoir characterization of Temblor Formation as candidate for CO2 enhanced oil recovery and sequestration (Harrington et al., 2014

Valley reservoir

San Joaquin Valley reservoir rock under scanning electron microscope. Highlights include evidence for grain dissolution, pore filling by calcite.

Water Resource Research

Tulare lake map

Owens Lake

The depth of Tulare Lake is directly related to discharge of the four main Sierran source streams (Atwater et al., 1986). Blunt and Negrini (in review) used the converse relationship and the presumption that lake level could be represented by sediment grain size to estimate Sierran stream discharge for the past 12,000 years. The resultant history of Sierran stream discharge correlates well with sea-surface temperature over this time suggesting that warming oceans will ultimately result in increased precipitation in the Sierra. This conclusion assumes similar modern and Holocen boundary conditions. Sloan and Sewall argue otherwise and conclude that reduced arctic sea ice is a more important factor that results in the deflection of storms east of the Sierra.

mapping of protected water

Mapping of “protected water” in southern San Joaquin Valley (light blue < 3,000 ppm; dark blue = 3,000-10,000 ppm). Work in progress by Dr. Gillespie and students.


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