Enrollment Instructions

Enrollment begins April 29, 2017.

Before completing your enrollment, view Early Start exemptions here.

All students requiring early start will receive an email with registration instructions. Failure to enroll in the required Early Start course(s) may result in cancellation or non-enrollment for fall semester.

Signing up and enrolling in the Early Start Program is a two-step process. Use the two links below to help you sign up and complete your enrollment:

In step 1 you will indicate the campus where you will be enrolling in ESP classes. This process will also inform you if you are eligible for a financial aid waiver based on your financial aid information. If you believe you are eligible for a waiver and your account indicates that you are not, please contact the Financial Aid Office at your home campus prior to completing your enrollment.

If you select CSU Bakersfield, you may complete the second step of registration approximately 24 hours after completing the first step. If you select a different CSU campus, the campus selected will contact you directly to complete your registration.

STEP 1: Signing up for the Early Start Program

In step 2 you will enroll in an Early Start Program English and/or math course based on your EPT/ELM status.

Students attending CSUB in the Fall:

  • English Placement Test (EPT) 120-146: Early Start English 500-3 weeks
  • Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) 0-40: Early Start Math 910-4 weeks
  • Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) 42-48: Early Start Math 920-2 weeks

Students attending a different CSU in the Fall:

  • English Placement Test (EPT) 120-146: Early Start English 500-3 weeks
  • Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) 0-48: Early Start Math 500-2 weeks

STEP 2: Enrolling in the Early Start Program-English and/or Math Courses

Visit CSU Success to view a list of courses being offered at all the CSU's, including CSU Bakersfield. When searching Early Start courses, the Course Description will specify who the course is designed for-if the course is open to all students, students specifically attending searched CSU, or students attending a different CSU in the fall. The Outcome specifies if the course meets the early start requirement (ES) or if the course provides the opportunity for students to move up into a higher level course or complete remediation (ELM/EPT).

The deadline to enroll in the appropriate Early Start course(s) is June 15, 2017.

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