Added this year: a Social Studies Vocabulary list that encompasses words from all five of the State Standard Clusters, released CST questions as well as text and supplemental materials. 

What I would like to see added /implemented in the future:

  • An increase in the use of available EAP modules
  • The development and implementation of simple, one – two day lesson plans that incorporate more literacy development.
  •  An increase in and a more personal, hands-on instructional approach by instructional coaches to implement the information and resources already developed through past and current RIAP participation. 
  • The inclusion of time in pacing guides devoted to the development of formal/informal writing – either school or department wide.
  • Regulated use of notes, graphic organizers, and foldables– cross-curriculum support of specific note-taking styles in these various modes.  
  • Professional development workshops on how to use note-taking, graphic organizers, foldables, and other reading/writing strategies in each core subject.
  • Standardized literacy level testing in each core department (ex., a cloze test) or released/available information regarding students literacy levels at the beginning of each year.  (Beyond CST scores)