Literacy classes—9th and 10th basic reading level

Bridge Program—to get at students before they start at RHS

CAHSEE classes for seniors who have failed the Eng-LA or math portion of CAHSEE

STAR diagnostic test to determine reading levels of students—to help gear our 

AR Program (based on STAR reading level)

EAP modules (in grades 11 and 12)

Introducing EAP modules in 9 and 10

Tutoring for all students available in library for one hour after school—English and math teachers available

Cornell note-taking (from AVID training)

Binder checks in AVID classes

AR—in all classes across the curriculum—a portion of the grade

Staff development—normed grading with KHSD rubric; "stop and think" bookmarks

Literacy strategies binder—in each department chair’s office

January—Staff Development Day—strategies available for each teacher on CD

Mr. Jones takes 12 teachers to lunch every month to talk about literacy

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