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Spring 2009
Sexual Assault Awareness Month (04/03/2009)
CA. Writer Series Reading (04/03/2009)
Ethics and Climate Change (04/03/2009)
Welcome Transfer Students (04/02/2009)
Rev. Toliver Honorary Degree (04/01/2009)
Community Partners Plant Trees (03/30/2009)
Richard Leakey Lecture at CSUB (03/27/2009)
Winter 2009
FACT Open House & Bird Shower (03/24/2009)
Auditions set for ‘CSUB Idol’ (03/24/2009)
Free Tax Assistance Offered (03/17/2009)
Vegetation and Climate Seminar (03/09/2009)
Nursing Program Grant (03/06/2009)
Major Archeological Discovery (03/06/2009)
Daphne Harley Alumna (03/03/2009)
NCAA Certification Study (03/02/2009)
CSUB Presents Gold Fever (02/26/2009)
Obamanomics & economic policy (02/24/2009)
Inaugural Baseball Season (02/23/2009)
Children’s art to be showcased (02/19/2009)
Combat World Health Issues (02/19/2009)
Freshmen Application Workshop (02/16/2009)
Central Bank (02/16/2009)
Medical Ethics (02/16/2009)
“Everyman” at the Doré Theater (02/13/2009)
Teach-In on Global Warming (01/30/2009)
Dutch capitalism in America (01/30/2009)
Caltech Geologist Lecture (01/30/2009)
FACT Open House set for Feb. 7 (01/30/2009)
Volunteers for Science Bowl (01/30/2009)
Baseball Facility Named (01/30/2009)
Solar Energy Conference (01/27/2009)
Int'l Women’s Day Nominations (01/27/2009)
GMAT Mobile Testing Bus (01/27/2009)
CSUB hosts recruitment fair (01/27/2009)
Application Deadline Nears (01/21/2009)
Faculty & Alumni art Showcase (01/16/2009)
Calif. Writer Series Reading (01/15/2009)
Expanded University Access (01/14/2009)
String Quartet Performs (01/05/2009)
Operas Set Stage at CSUB (01/05/2009)
Waste Recycling Event (01/05/2009)
Fall 2008
Alumnus Nominations (12/15/2008)
Alumni Hall of Fame recipients (12/04/2008)
CSUB’s FACT to host open house (12/02/2008)
KEJ Reports County's Decline (12/01/2008)
Honoring Graduates (11/21/2008)
Academic Decathlon Preparation (11/10/2008)
Hottest Pepper Fiery Winner (11/07/2008)
CSUB and DJUHSD Partnership (11/07/2008)
Occupational Safety and Health (10/28/2008)
Border Security Forum at CSUB (10/27/2008)
Picasso at the Lapin Agile (10/27/2008)
Open Campus (10/22/2008)
Solar Power Generation Project (10/21/2008)
Cultural Awareness Day (10/20/2008)
FACT hosts fall open house (10/17/2008)
$5.2 million in grants to CSUB (10/10/2008)
Community Service Awareness (10/09/2008)
Accelerated Nursing Program (10/07/2008)
CSU Now Accepting Freshman App (10/06/2008)
$10.4mil granted for Research (10/06/2008)
Marriage Protection Act Debate (09/30/2008)
Domestic Violence Awareness (09/29/2008)
Fire Hazard Reduction Seminar (09/29/2008)
CSUB Welcomes Local Authors (09/29/2008)
Science 3 Dedication Ceremony (09/25/2008)
War on Terror Discussion (09/22/2008)
Barbecue for the Birds (09/22/2008)
Arte de la Gente (09/22/2008)
Pepper Gardener Competition (09/19/2008)
Graduate wins Scholarship (09/15/2008)
Summer 2008
Two interim deans appointed (09/11/2008)
Professor receives Scholarship (09/10/2008)
2008-09 academic year (09/05/2008)
John Brock Scholarship Winners (09/03/2008)
Annual New Student Convocation (09/02/2008)
Fall History Forum scheduled (09/02/2008)
NCAA Division I Certification (08/28/2008)
The Power of Hope seminar (08/27/2008)
HESF Celebrates 25 Years (08/26/2008)
John Brock Service Award (08/21/2008)
60 Plus Club (08/18/2008)
KEJ Second Quarter Growth (08/14/2008)
Baseball Training Facility (08/05/2008)
Educ. Summit on Social Work (07/07/2008)
Accelerated Nursing Program (07/07/2008)
Students Seeking Loans (06/30/2008)
National Academy in Aging (06/25/2008)
CSUB Summer Operating Hours (06/16/2008)
Academic Affairs Admins (06/10/2008)
Spring 2008
Grad's perseverance pays off (06/06/2008)
Traffic for Commencement (06/02/2008)
CSUB Student Recreation Center (06/02/2008)
Disability and Degree (05/28/2008)
Int'l Student Success at CSUB (05/28/2008)
Grad quits job to hit books (05/28/2008)
38th Commencement eremony (05/27/2008)
Bill Thomas honorary doctorate (05/27/2008)
Social Work Workshop (05/23/2008)
Five Students Study Abroad (05/23/2008)
Student Community Projects (05/21/2008)
KEJ Sees Slow Growth (05/20/2008)
State Farms gives gift for lab (05/19/2008)
Art Students Exhibit Work (05/16/2008)
Grad Student Symposium Sched. (05/12/2008)
Student Wins State Competion (05/9/2008)
Writer Series Reading Canceled (05/9/2008)
The Heart Gallery exhibit (05/9/2008)
Fellowship in Israel (05/8/2008)
$1 Million Scholarship Support (05/8/2008)
Student Honored at Symposium (05/07/2008)
Writer Series Reading (05/02/2008)
Evita at CSUB (05/02/2008)
FACT Open House (05/01/2008)
Emergency Response Drill (04/30/2008)
Briefing about Response Drills (04/29/2008)
Maryland lecturer visits CSUB (04/29/2008)
Biology Professor Awarded (04/29/2008)
Campus Emergency Drill (PDF)
Get a Life Tour coming to CSUB (04/25/2008)
Murder at the Altar (04/23/2008)
Student places 1st in Sales (04/21/2008)
Students Compete Statewide (04/16/2008)
NSF grant for Scholarships (04/11/2008)
Outstanding Contributors (04/11/2008)
Philanthropists Awarded Medals (04/11/2008)
Spring Exhibit Opens (04/10/2008)
‘CSUB Idol Auditions Extended (04/08/2008)
Archeologist Major Discovery (04/04/2008)
Party in the Park Event (04/04/2008)
Master's Degree Info Session (04/04/2008)
Auditions set for ‘CSUB Idol’ (04/04/2008)
AV Presents Ray Bradbury (04/04/2008)
Brains of Bakersfield (04/03/2008)
Sexual Assault Awareness Month (04/03/2008)
'Gidget' Discusses Aging (04/02/2008)
Lecturer to discuss Autoimmune (04/02/2008)
Gospel Workshop and Concert (04/01/2008)
Richard Rodriguez Lectures (04/01/2008)
FACT Open House set for Apr. 5 (03/28/2008)
Second annual Celebrate CSUB! (03/28/2008)
Budget Crisis is Focus (03/28/2008)
Distinguished Educator Award (03/28/2008)
Annual Battle of the Badges (03/28/2008)
Older Adult Care Program (03/27/2008)
Latina Youth Conference (03/24/2008)
Winter 2008
Author to speak at CSUB (03/21/2008)
National Business Competition (03/18/2008)
Channing raises funds for Arts (03/11/2008)
Team brings Collegiality Award (03/07/2008)
60+ Young at Heart Seminar (03/06/2008)
MATHCOUNTS Results (03/03/2008)
International Flavor Culture (02/27/2008)
Dean named for BPA (02/27/2008)
Bakersfield in Art Exhibit (02/26/2008)
Family in Nazi & Post War Era (02/25/2008)
Mike Neal Alumnus of the Year (02/20/2008)
Disney Career Insider Tips (02/20/2008)
"Students in Free Enterprise" (02/18/2008)
KEJ reports economy is slowing (02/15/2008)
Award for Marketing Research (02/11/2008)
Bill Thomas Honorary Doctorate (02/08/2008)
Middle East Security Control (02/01/2008)
Education Recruitment Fair (01/28/2008)
FACT Open House set for Feb. 2 (01/23/2008)
Science Bowl Volunteers Needed (01/23/2008)
C-SPAN Campaign Bus at CSUB (01/23/2008)
CSUB part of Oprah show today (01/22/2008)
Opera master class at CSUB (01/18/2008)
Evening of Opera at CSUB (01/18/2008)
Application Deadline Extended (01/17/2008)
CSUB names new VP (01/17/2008)
Korean Exchange Students (01/17/2008)
Application Deadline Change (01/16/2008)
CSUB Project on Discovery (01/09/2008)
Calif. writers come to CSUB (01/08/2008)
International Women's Day (01/08/2008)
Cloris Leachman in Bakersfield (01/07/2008)
60+ Teaches Gardening (01/04/2008)
E-waste Recycle Day (01/03/2008)
Fall 2007
Director of Communications (12/19/2007)
Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees (11/30/2007)
Alum of the Year (11/28/2007)
Kern's economic growth slows (11/27/2007)
FACT open house scheduled (11/21/2007)
Winter Commencement Scheduled (11/16/2007)
Native American Club Gathering (11/15/2007)
Prepare for Academic Decathlon (11/08/2007)
"When the Emperor was Divine" (11/01/2007)
Internment Camp History (11/01/2007)
Urban Planning Expert to Speak (10/31/2007)
FACT open house Saturday (10/29/2007)
Symposium (10/29/2007)
School of BPA Dean Candidates (10/24/2007)
Free "Taste of the Arts" (10/22/2007)
Public forum on Iran slated (10/22/2007)
Professional Of The Year (10/22/2007)
Forum explores Haggard Music (10/22/2007)
"Lend me a Tenor" (10/12/2007)
Terry Waite to lecture at CSUB (10/11/2007)
Grad school info at CSUB (10/11/2007)
Exhibit opens at Madigan Gallery (10/08/2007)
CSUB student is Panetta intern (10/05/2007)
Linguist to lecture at CSUB (10/05/2007)
AIDS testing at CSUB (10/05/2007)
3 to present research findings (10/05/2007)
Violence Awareness Month (10/02/2007)
FACT Barbecue for the Birds (09/25/2007)
Sister city performance at CSUB (09/21/2007)
Author opens Writers Series (09/21/2007)
Summer 2007
Nursing Spirituality Seminar (09/04/2007)
CSUB students earn scholarships (08/22/2007)
Accelerated Nursing Program (08/21/2007)
University Day scheduled (08/21/2007)
CSUB going green (08/21/2007)
Kern's economy rebounding (08/10/2007)
Greg Bynum Honored (08/08/2007)
CSUB School of Ed seeks comments (07/30/2007)
Masterplan EIR availble 15 more days (07/27/2007)
CSUB professor helps African university (07/17/2007)
CSUB ends negotiations on project (07/02/2007)
CSUB students take advantage of IS program (06/22/2007)
Summer Bridge at CSUB (06/14/2007)
CSUB hosts sister city dinner-CORREX (06/12/2007)
Spring 2007
CSUB hosts Enterprise College (06/07/2007)
Former pro player graduates (06/07/2007)
Commencement-Nursing grad (06/06/2007)
Commencement-AV Note (06/06/2007)
CSUB commencement-top grad (06/05/2007)
Accelerated Nursing Program (06/05/2007)
CSUB breaks ground on new rec center (06/05/2007)
Commencement Fri. & Sat. (06/04/2007)
Bike path closed (06/04/2007)
Traffic info for commencement (05/30/2007)
Freshman reading at CSUB (05/29/2007)
Hosts sought for Intl Students (05/29/2007)
Kern's Economy Softens (05/23/2007)
Grad students present research (05/17/2007)
Senior art student exhibit (05/16/2007)
20 year celebration at CSUB (05/15/2007)
"'Tis Pity She's a Whore" at CSUB (05/10/2007)
History forum at CSUB (05/07/2007)
FACT open house Saturday (05/03/2007)
CSUB hosts "Corporate Warrior" (05/02/2007)
Co-sponsor teaching workshop in AV (05/02/2007)
Party in the Park (05/02/2007)
E-waste recycle day at CSUB (05/01/2007)
Gangs forum at CSUB (04/30/2007)
Parachute Bus to visit CSUB (04/24/2007)
Panel to focus on Human Rights (04/23/2007)
Fundraiser for Virginia Tech (04/20/2007)
Council of 100 (04/19/2007)
CSUB students react to VT tragedy (04/17/2007)
CSUB alum/author to speak on campus (04/17/2007)
Vocal jazz concert at CSUB (04/17/2007)
Students take top honors (04/16/2007)
Jazz fest lineup announced (04/13/2007)
Evening of Opera at CSUB (04/13/2007)
Celebrate CSUB! on April 28 (04/12/2007)
Myles receive president's medal (04/12/2007)
Take Back the Night Rally (04/06/2007)
FACT Open House (04/03/2007)
CSUB Hosts Brains of Bakersfield (04/02/2007)
Mary Robinson gives Lecture (03/29/2007)
Author Pam Houston to speak (03/29/2007)
Art exhibit to open in Gallery (03/29/2007)
Alumnus of the year named (03/26/2007)
Winter 2007
Young-audience Play (03/07/2007)
Economics workshop at CSUB (03/01/2007)
Kern Econ Summit slated 3/28 (03/01/2007)
60+ hosts retirement seminar (03/01/2007)
Econ report cities solid Kern economy (03/01/2007)
Nursing Dept. opens new building (02/27/2007)
MATHCOUNTS results (02/27/2007)
CSUB's Mike Chertok retiring (02/27/2007)
Chevron give $1M to CSUB (02/23/2007)
Alumni to induct hall of fame (02/21/2007)
"Antigone in New York" (02/14/2007)
Science Bowl Winners (02/14/2007)
Peter Coors to address grads (02/14/2007)
Religious scholar to speak at CSUB (02/13/2007)
Calif. writer comes to CSUB (02/07/2007)
Panel to discuss Afghan photos (02/02/2007)
Topping-out ceremony (02/01/2007)
Quarters4Kids (01/31/2007)
History forum at CSUB (01/31/2007)
Business dean leaving CSUB (01/29/2007)
Team up on Foundations of Excellence (01/29/2007)
CSU trustees OK concept (01/25/2007)
Afghan women photography exhibit unveiled (01/24/2007)
Tejano music lecture at CSUB (01/24/2007)
CSUB presents opera scenes (01/19/2007)
CSUB artist's display at airport (01/18/2007)
CSUB reaches Div.I fundraising goal (01/18/2007)
Lifelong learning classes at CSUB (01/17/2007)
Calif. writer comes to CSUB (01/12/2007)
Alchohol Awareness Program (12/27/2006)
Fall 2006
CSUB panel on stem-cell research (12/19/2006)
New CSUB parking regs (12/18/2006)
Tutoring programs aids foster youth (12/14/2006)
Commencement Doubles (11/30/2006)
CSUB alumni scholarship winners (11/20/2006)
CSUB senior's provacative play (11/20/2006)
Challenge gift puts CSUB near goal (11/16/2006)
CSUB seeks alum of year (11/14/2006)
CSUB anthropology department teams up for history exhibit (11/03/2006)
GMAT Mobile Test Center stops at CSUB (11/03/2006)
CSUB Talk on evolution (11/01/2006)
CSUB to host discussion on sustainable development (10/26/2006)
CSUB hosts first University Roadrunner Day (10/26/2006)
FACT open house scheduled (10/24/2006)
CSUB talk on grave sites in Pakistan (10/23/2006)
Fundraising reaches new height (10/20/2006)
CSUB presents "Nickel & Dimed" (10/20/2006)
CSUB hosts A Taste of the Arts (10/20/2006)
Open campus at CSUB (10/18/2006)
Author to speak at CSUB (10/16/2006)
Legends of Jazz at CSUB (10/09/2006)
Dodgeball Tournament scheduled at CSUB (10/09/2006)
Gospel of Judas explored at CSUB History Forum (10/09/2006)
CSUB group hosts Ramadan (10/09/2006)
2 earn 1K scholarships (10/06/2006)
CSUB Student is Panetta Intern (10/02/2006)
History Talk Explores KKK in Kern (09/27/2006)
AV Outreach Effort (09/27/2006)
WorldCom Whistle Blower to speak at CSUB (09/26/2006)
Jazz Coffeehouse (09/18/2006)
Art Exhibit Opens (09/15/2006)
FACT Barbecue (09/14/2006)
Constitution Day (09/14/2006)
First Day of School (09/12/2006)
Summer 2006
Stunned Woman gets Scholarship (09/06/2006)
CSUB University Day (09/01/2006)
CSUB Hearst Award (09/01/2006)
Enrollment Opportunities at CSUB (08/29/2006)
Kern economy steady (08/17/2006)
CSUB Hosts nursing seminar (08/10/2006)
CSUB active vs. West Nile Virus (07/24/2006)
CSUB breaks ground for new science building (07/11/2006)
New master's degree at CSUB (06/23/2006)
Summer Bridge at CSUB (06/22/2006)
2 CSUB students at Panetta seminar (06/15/2006)
Enterprise College at CSUB (06/14/2006)
Kessler scholarship winner (06/9/2006)
Student leadership awards at CSUB (06/9/2006)
Spring 2006
CSUB prof's book debunks sports myths (06/08/2006)
CSUB grad gets full-ride to med school (06/06/2006)
Alc. awareness PSA hits airwaves (06/05/2006)
CSUB commencement-MBA2 (06/02/2006)
CSUB commencement-MBA grad;AV note (06/02/2006)
CSUB commencement-Sturges (06/02/2006)
CSUB names emeriti faculty (06/02/2006)
CSUB alumnus turns novelist (06/01/2006)
CSUB commencement traffic information (06/01/2006)
CSUB continues Division I transition (06/01/2006)
CSUB commencement slated 6/9-10 (05/26/2006)
NCAA grant for CSUB (05/26/2006)
Nursing program gets new building (05/25/2006)
CSUB seniors art exhibit (05/25/2006)
CSUB reaches new milestone (05/25/2006)
Nobel Prize winner to address CSUB NS&M grads (05/25/2006)
CSUB receives major grant (05/25/2006)
Panel to explore rights since 9/11 (05/25/2006)
CSUB talk on forensic anthropology (05/22/2006)
Kern economic growth continues (05/19/2006)
CSUB student wins at history conference (05/19/2006)
CSUB hosts quiz night (05/18/2006)
Ana Castillo talk at CSUB (05/16/2006)
CSUB business team to nationals-AV, Tehachapi note (05/16/2006)
CSUB stages "Twelfth Night" (05/10/2006)
CSUB's 60+ Club celebrates 20 years (05/08/2006)
CSUB President to discuss education plans in the Antelope Valley (05/08/2006)
CSUB graduate students to present research (05/08/2006)
CSUB's Party in the Park (04/27/2006)
Panel at CSUB to discuss Proposed Dairies (04/18/2006)
Dolores Huerta at CSUB (04/18/2006)
Diversity discussion at CSUB (04/18/2006)
FACT open house at CSUB-updated (04/17/2006)
Evening of opera scenes at CSUB (04/18/2006)
AV will have CAFS this fall (04/17/2006)
FACT open house at CSUB (04/17/2006)
CSUB hosts Gospel of Judas panel (04/17/2006)
Assistance with poster survey (04/14/2006)
CSUB students score well at competition (04/14/2006)
CSUB professor wins statewide honor (04/14/2006)
Valley Fever & Unusual Weather Patterns (04/14/2006)
Freshman Day at CSUB (04/14/2006)
Antiquities Act explored at CSUB History Forum (04/7/2006)
Transfer Day at CSUB (04/7/2006)
Vincent Rojas Honored By CSUB (04/7/2006)
CSUB's Kegley Institute of Ethics Celebrates 20th Anniversary (04/7/2006)
Sister Helen Prejean to Give Kegley Memorial Lecture at CSUB (04/7/2006)
CSUB Archaeology Lab One of Only 3 in the U.S. (04/6/2006)
CSUB Student Research Competition Winners (04/6/2006)
AV MSW Program to Launch (04/6/2006)
Professor's Memorial Services at CSUB (04/6/2006)
CSUB program aims to boost H.S. math teachers (04/05/2006)
CSUB names new dean of Natural Science and Math (04/04/2006)
Art Exhibit at CSUB's Madigan Gallery (04/03/2006)
BIG games at CSUB (04/03/2006)
New Extended U. dean at CSUB (04/03/2006)
E-waste recycling at CSUB (04/03/2006)
California writer at CSUB (03/30/2006)
AV biz program info night (03/27/2006)
Winter 2006
CSUB Professor Earns National Honor (03/22/2006)
Farmworker Awareness Week at CSUB (03/22/2006)
20th Annual Jazz Fest May 12-13 (03/21/2006)
20th Annual Jazz Fest May 12-13 (03/21/2006)
CSUB to hold Hispanic Youth Conference (03/16/2006)
CSUB's FACT hosts open house (03/15/2006)
CSUB Works to promote Economic Literacy (03/15/2006)
Professor Kegley Honored (03/13/2006)
Children's Play at CSUB this Weekend (03/09/2006)
Children's Art Institute at CSUB (03/06/2006)
High School Honors Night at CSUB (03/03/2006)
Alcohol Awareness Program at CSUB (03/03/2006)
UMAP Program at CSUB (03/03/2006)
Kern County to Celebrate "International Women's Day" (03/02/2006)
Kern Jobless-Rate Decline Continues (03/02/2006)
Mathcounts Winners (03/02/2006)
Kern Economic Summit March 29 (03/02/2006)
Retirement Seminar at CSUB (02/27/2006)
CSUB to offer doctorates in 2008 (02/23/2006)
CSU Summer Arts Press Release (02/22/2006)
Grad School info night at CSUB (02/21/2006)
Student plays featured at CSUB (02/21/2006)
CSUB Offers accelerated nursing program (02/20/2006)
Math Field Day (02/21/2006)
CSUB Homecoming this weekend (02/21/2006)
FACT hosts open house (02/20/2006)
NSM hosts open house (02/20/2006)
Senior art exhibit at CSUB (02/16/2006)
Cash for College Workshop this weekend (02/16/2006)
Well Sample Repository busy (02/16/2006)
Thomas to address CSUB grad students (02/15/2006)
Scholarship program deadlines approaching (02/06/2006)
Panel to analyze Mexico's election (02/03/2006)
Culver joins CSUB's Div. I effort (02/02/2006)
New construction at CSUB (02/02/2006)
College Opportunity plan to be explored (01/06/2006)
Legends of Jazz at CSUB (01/31/2006)
Science Bowl volunteers sought (01/24/2006)
Millions available for college-bound students (01/24/2006)
CSUB to stage Spanish opera (01/20/2006)
Free tax assistance at CSUB (01/20/2006)
CSUB geology project aps due (01/20/2006)
Council of 100 at CSUB (01/20/2006)
Career Day at CSUB (01/19/2006)
FACT hosts open house (01/19/2006)
CSUB's Kegley Institute of Ethics hosts discussion panel (01/13/2006)
CSUB awarded $968,078 for language literacy program (01/11/2006)
CSUB student wins second prize for physics research (01/11/2006)
CSUB Physics professor chosen as scholar (01/11/2006)
Poetry reading at CSUB (01/09/2006)
History Forum at CSUB (01/06/2006)
Artist exchange - CSUB/LA (01/03/2006)
International Women's Day nominations (01/03/2006)
OLLI offers lifelong learning (01/03/2006)
Fall 2005
New VP of student affairs at CSUB (12/08/2005)
CSUB winter commencement Friday (11/29/2005)
CSUB team wins "Duel in the Desert" (11/29/2005)
Kern jobless rate at historic lows (11/28/2005)
CSU CATS Conference, Monterey Bay (11/28/2005)
CSUB students present research (11/22/2005)
Professor goes out with a bang (11/17/2005)
New appointment at CSUB (11/16/2005)
Grad school expo at CSUB (11/16/2005)
FACT open house Dec. 3 (11/15/2005)
Candidate Resumes for VP of Student Affairs (11/10/05)
CSUB professor and students to present research (11/9/2005)
CSUB panel to discuss Rosa Parks' Legacy (11/7/2005)
Jazz Coffeehouse at CSUB Saturday (11/7/2005)
New logo unveiled at CSUB (11/03/2205)
Bakersfield Cultural Exchange eyes 2nd concert (11/03/2005)
Children's art exhibit Nov. 15 (11/02/2005)
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month Closing Activities (10/25/2005)
FACT to host open house (10/20/2005)
Open campus at CSUB (10/19/2005)
Taste of the Arts at CSUB (10/18/05)
Council of 100 (10/18/05)
Pre-school literacy project update (10/18/05)
"Electricidad" staged at CSUB (10/18/05)
CSUB researchers present Tulare Lake data (10/17/2005)
Nominations for alum of year (10/13/05)
Panel to focus on cost of domestic violence (10/13/05)
CSUB student wins Hearst Award (10/12/05)
CSUB professor encouraging cultural exchange (10/11/05)
Oksoberfest scheduled at CSUB (10/11/05)
Quarters for Kids launched (10/10/05)
Ambassador Wilson to appear at CSUB (10/03/05)
FACT annual barbecue Saturday (10/03/05)
Domestic Violence Awareness activities Monday at CSUB (09/30/05)
RAD course offered at CSUB (09/30/05)
CSUB Faculty Awards (09/29/05)
Archaeological talk slated (09/29/05)
Longtime administrator Montalvo retiring (09/29/05)
Josef Albers exhibit at CSUB's Madigan Gallery (09/29/05)
CSUB student wins Panetta internship (09/26/05)
Legends of Jazz at CSUB (09/26/05)
Longtime CSUB administrator retires (09/20/05)
Virginia Woolf Center at CSUB (09/20/05)
HESF awards dinner slated (09/20/05)
CSUB faculty, students to help Katrina victims (09/19/05)
History forum at CSUB (09/19/05)
Constitution Day at CSUB (09/16/05)
Oxy exec to address CSUB grad students (09/16/05)
Katrina victims enrolling at CSUB (09/08/05)
Kern college night (09/08/05)
Freshman convocation at CSUB (09/08/05)
New 1st Year Program at CSUB (09/08/05)
Special event scheduled for CSUB's 60+ Club (09/02/05)
CSUB helps students affected by Hurricane Katrina (09/02/05)
University Day at CSUB (08/31/05)
Summer 2005
CSUB to go Division I (08/29/05)
CSUB Phone system down Saturday A.M. (08/23/05)
Grad School info night (08/08/05)
Growing demand for new teachers (07/15/05)
Russian Leaders to visit Kern (07/13/05)
New program broadens research education (06/27/05)
New CSUB Master Plan unveiled (06/23/05)
New CSUB Provost named (06/23/05)
12th annual youth marketing program at CSUB (06/14/05)
Spring 2005
CSUB signs on Interstate 5 (06/08/05)
CSUB student memorialized (06/07/05)
CSUB graduation - 75 year old earns B.A. (06/07/05)
Grad School Info night (06/07/05)
CSUB Commencement traffic (06/07/05)
Mom, kids attending CSUB together (06/07/05)
CSUB grad overcomes obstacles (06/03/05)
Bob Karpe to receive honorary doctorate (06/03/05)
CSUB commencement June 10 - 11 (06/03/05)
Economic impact of DI move (05/31/05)
CSUB referendum passes (05/27/05)
Kern economic outlook (05/26/05)
EAP program in Kern (05/20/05)
Fulbright scholar to speak at CSUB (05/19/05)
U.S premiere sculpture at CSUB (05/18/05)
Ray Bradbury to speak at CSUB (05/17/05)
McCarthy named Alum of the year (05/13/05)
CSUB inauguration next Friday (05/12/05)
CSUB student elections (05/12/05)
End-of-life forum at CSUB (05/11/05)
CSUB faculty member honored (05/11/05)
History forum (05/10/05)
Founders' luncheon at CSUB (05/06/05)
CSUB gets new prefix(05/03/05)
Pulitzer winner to give Kegley Lecture at CSUB (04/29/05)
Transfer center joint BC, CSUB venture (04/28/05)
Varied topics at inaugural lectures (04/28/05)
CSUB lab only one of three in nation (04/26/05)
Popular Musical staged at CSUB (04/26/05)
CSUB Jazz Festival May 6-7 (04/25/05)
CSUB Inauguration scheduled (04/21/05)
Alpha Chi initiation (04/20/05)
CSUB wine event continues growth (04/20/05)
FACT Open House at CSUB (04/19/05)
Wells Fargo CEO to speak at CSUB (04/19/05)
International Programs discussion at CSUB (04/14/05)
CSUB awards 2 President's medals (04/14/05)
CSUB student sales team wins honors (04/07/05)
CSUB Professor earns honors (04/04/05)
Tulare man, Bakersfield woman win song contest (03/28/05)
Book drive under way (03/28/05)
Latina conference at CSUB (03/25/05)
HESF golf tourney scheduled (03/24/05)
Winter 2005
Angelides to speak at CSUB (03/14/05)
Art exhibit scheduled (03/11/05)
Kern economic report (03/10/05)
Applications due for geology program (03/09/05)
Alcohol Awareness program funded (03/01/05)
CSUB Counseling Clinic open house (02/28/05)
CSUB fight song finalists chosen (02/25/05)
Legends of Jazz Concert March 4 (02/22/05)
FACT Open House (02/22/05)
Math Field Day at CSUB (02/22/05)
ChevronTexaco gives $600,000 for literacy program (02/21/05)
Pulitzer winning play to open at CSUB (02/17/05)
Social Security forum at CSUB (02/16/05)
AV Administrator honored (02/16/05)
Cash for College (02/14/05)
CSUB gallery has video exhibit (02/02/05)
VITA program at CSUB (02/01/05)
CSUB Career Day (01/20/05)
FACT Open House (01/20/05)
Volunteers sought for Science Bowl (01/20/05)
Historic exhibit in CSUB Library (01/10/05)
Fall 2004
Exhibit to open at Madigan Gallery (12/10/04)
FACT to release eagle (12/09/04)
Winter commencement at CSUB (11/30/04)
CSUB Hoops supports Toys for Tots (11/24/04)
Grad School Info night at CSUB (11/23/04)
Kern 3rd Quarter Economic Outlook
FACT Hosts Open House (11/23/04)
Islamic feast, festival to be held at CSUB (11/10/04)
CSUB History Forum (11/03/04)
CSUB Fact Open House (11/03/04)
CSUB Faculty art exhibit (10/26/04)
CSUB has major economic impact on Kern County (10/26/04)
Panel to discuss rape prosecution ethics (10/25/04)
CSUB fight song, Alma mater(10/19/04)
Henry Rollins at CSUB (10/12/04)
Rowdy about Reading (10/08/04)
Candidates Forum at CSUB(10/05/04)
Telecommunications project begins at CSUB (09/17/04)
West Nile at CSUB (09/15/04)
New AV building opened (09/14/04)
CSUB seeks ideas (09/13/04)
Ford chief to speak at CSUB (09/10/04)
CSUB's first day of classes Tuesday (09/10/04)
Barbecue for the Birds (09/08/04)
Summer 2004
CSUB hosts National Youth Sports Program once again (06/30/04)
New administrator at CSUB-AV (06/29/04)
Spring 2004
Owl to be released from CSUB's FACT (06/24/04)
New Dean named at CSUB (06/09/04)
Perserverance pays off for CSUB grad (06/07/04)
CSUB Grad overcomes obstacles (06/02/04)
Trafic controls for commencement (06/01/04)
CSUB commencement (05/27/04)
New CSUB President named (05/20/04)
Kern Economic Indicators (05/18/04)
"Butler" to open at CSUB (05/13/04)
GEAR Up event Saturday (05/12/04)
Art sale at CSUB (05/12/04)
CSUB Presidential Candidates named (05/03/04)
Musica da Camera concert (04/28/04)
Brown v. BOE forum at CSUB (04/28/04)
Wine is topic at history forum (04/28/04)
Latina conference at CSUB (04/21/04)
An evening of opera scenes (04/21/04)
Indian music fest at CSUB (04/20/04)
FACT Open House (04/20/04)
Fund for John Horn established (04/14/04)
Youth accepted to CSUB on the Dr. Phil show (04/12/04)
CSUB honors three (04/09/04)
Chargers' linebacker at golf tourney (04/08/04)
Jazz fest lineup set (04/07/04)
President Arciniega retirement dinner (04/07/04)
Library and Info Expo (04/06/04)
CSUB party in the park (04/06/04)
CSUB Nursing Center proposed (04/05/04)
CSUB prof on archeological dig (04/05/04)
CSUB artist in 9/11 competition (04/05/04)
STAAR Program(04/05/04)
Myles Brand to lecture at CSUB(04/02/04)
Musica Da Camera concert(04/01/04)
Winter 2004
Geology Department gets NSF grant(03/17/04)
CSUB Actor wins award(03/16/04)
Washington Insider to speak at CSUB(03/03/04)
Kern Economic Summit(03/02/04)
Global Affairs Club wine tasting(03/02/04)
Math Field Day(02/23/04)
FACT Open House(02/23/04)
Senior Art Exhibit(02/20/04)
Women's Day(02/20/04)
Valley Fever Vaccine "at hand" (02/17/04)
Kern economy continues rebound(02/11/04)
CSUB has VITA tax program (02/11/04)
Valentine's Day performance (02/10/04)
Basque migration examined at History Forum (02/09/04)
Kegley Institute of Ethics hosts Lecture (02/03/04)
FACT Hosts Open House (02/02/04)
Parent's Day to be held at CSU Bakersfield (01/30/04)
Volunteers needed for 12th annual Science Bowl (01/28/04)
Search for next CSUB president begins (01/13/04)
Musica da Camera January 24, 2004 (01/12/04)
CSUB reacts to budget proposal (01/09/04)
An Evening of Opera Scenes January 30, 2004 (01/09/04)
CSUB Athletics launches "Rowdy about Reading" (01/09/04)
CSUB Jazz Coffeehouse announced for Feb. 7, 2004 (01/08/04)
Fall 2003
CSU Announces Search Committee for CSUB Presidency (12/19/03)
CSU Receives $23.7 Million Budget Cut (12/19/03)
Kern Economy Rebounding, KEJ Reports: CSUB (11/25/03)
Valley City Declare November As College Next Awareness Month (11/14/03)
Application Orientation Sessions For The Spring Quarter Have Been Scheduled By California State University, Bakersfield (11/07/03)
Fellowships Worth Up To $ 24,000 Are Available For Future Teachers (11/07/03)
English Major At California State University, Bakersfield, Is Participating International Program (11/07/03)
Bakersfield's Chamber Orchestra, Goes "Back To Baroque" On Saturday (11/05/03)
Bakersfield Historian Will Discuss The Hygienist Movement In Buenos Aires, Argentina (11/04/03)
CSUB Hosts Open Campus For High School Seniors (10/29/03)
Agnes Of God (10/22/03)
Taste Of Art (10/21/03)
Bowling For Columbine (10/15/03)
CSUB Receives Major Grants (10/14/03)
Poli-Sci Student Begin Work In The U.S. House Of Representatives (10/07/03)
Geology Graduate Students Have Been Chosen To Present Their Work (10/03/03)
Spring Enrollment (10/03/03)
Media Advisory (09/12/03)
Tandy Discusses The Effect Of The State Budget Crisis (09/12/03)
Community Service Award Banquet (09/10/03)
Musica da Camera's 2003-04 Concert Season (09/10/03)
CSUB Campuses Filling Up Fast While Coping With Cutbacks And Fee Hikes (09/08/03)
County's Economy Is Showing Signs Of Improvement (09/08/03)
The Hispanic Excellence Scholarship Fund (09/05/03)
Higher Education Leaders Unite To Promote College-Going Culture (09/03/03)
Media Advisory (09/03/03)
Summer 2003
Weisman Will Open In The Todd Madigan Gallery (08/29/03)
60+ Club Possibilities Day (08/27/03)
President Chosen For New Panel (07/10/03)
CSUB Children In The Market Place Program (06/26/03)
Rich Campbell Working To Find New Students (06/20/03)
Media Advisory (06/13/03)
CSUB School Of Hummanities (06/12/03)
Media Advisory (06/11/03)
Claudia Fivecoat Makes Chief Of Police (06/10/03)
Hispanic Associations Of Colleges And Universities (06/10/03)
Hummanities And Social Sciences Commencement Ceremony (06/09/03)
Sales Team Competes For CSUB (06/03/03)
CSUB President Arciniega Retires (06/02/03)
Spring 2003
Professor Receives Prestigious Fulbright Fellowship (05/29/03)
Teaching Credential Orientation Session Offered (05/27/03)
CSUB Adds Master's Degree In Spanish To Liberal Arts Curriculum (05/22/03)
CSUB Offers Forgivable Loans For Doctoral Students (05/21/03)
Kern Economic Journal Reports, "Bakersfield's A Bargain" (05/20/03)
CSUB Students Works On Mars Exploration Rover Mission (05/19/03)
Art Club Hosts Art Documentary Film, "Rivers And Tides" (05/16/03)
Performing Arts Department Presents Shakespeare's "Comedy Of Errors" (05/15/03)
David Lamb Forum (05/12/03)
Political Science Department Presents "Lessons From The Past: Vietnam To Iraq" (05/12/03)
English Professor Receives Award From National Endowment For Humanities (04/28/03)
CSUB Grad Deployed To Iraq (04/28/03)
Geology Deparment Receives $ 400,000 Grant (04/28/03)
Musica da Cameras "Final Four" (04/28/03)
Senior Art Exhibit Opens At Todd Madigan Gallery (04/28/03)
Live Owl Images Broadcast On Internet (04/23/03)
FACT Open House (04/22/03)
FACT Hosts 21st Annual Barbecue For The Birds (04/22/03)
CSUB Takes Back The Night (04/22/03)
CSUB Alumni To Build Park On Campus (04/17/03)
Media Advisory (04/17/03)
Performing Arts Department Presents "Opera Scenes" (04/16/03)
Medical Ethics Topic Of Kegley Lecture Series (04/14/03)
History Department Presents "Another Look At Lawrence Tibbett" (04/14/03)
Library Careers Open House (04/14/03)
CSUB Student Receives Robotics Internship From USC (04/10/03)
CSUB Hosts CAMP Conference (04/09/03)
"Clearing The Air: An Educational Forum On Air Quality In Kern County" (04/09/03)
A Wise Resident Roosts At CSUB (04/08/03)
CSUB Jazz Professor Wins State Teaching Excellence Award (04/07/03)
"Images Of Manzanar" Comes To Todd Madigan Gallery (04/04/03)
L.A. Soccer Star To Host CSUB Golf Classic (04/04/03)
April Calendar Of Events (04/02/03)
CSUBAnd Bakersfield College Host First Student Composers Concert (04/02/03)
Musica da Camera For April 2003 (04/01/03)
Winter 2003
Alpha Chi Students Travel To Washington, D.C. (03/27/03)
Teacher Education Orientation Scheduled For Summer Session (03/26/03)
Media Advisory (03/26/03)
Global Affairs Wine Tasting And Beer Garden Scheduled (03/17/03)
Higher Education Leaders Unite (03/17/03)
Math, Science And Technology Conference Held At CSUB (03/17/03)
CSUB Hosts National Social Work Month Celebration (03/13/03)
Professor To Be Honored On International Women's Day (03/11/03)
Bakersfield Symphony Conductor To Teach CSUB Class (03/11/03)
Geology Student Sets Sail On Research Expedition To Antarctica (03/06/03)
Helping The Homeless (03/03/03)
Math Field Day (02/28/03)
Economic News Gloomy (02/19/03)
2003 Science Bowl Winners (02/18/03)
2003 Econ Summit Advance (02/18/03)
CSUBHosts High School Honors Night (02/14/03)
Nursing Scholaship Winners (02/12/03)
CSUB Presents The "Vagina Monologues" (02/11/03)
Black Men On Campus Host "Reality Check" Lecture (02/04/03)
Cash For College (01/28/03)
CSUB Kegley Institute Of Ethics Presents "Caring For The Most Volunerable" (01/24/03)
History Forum: "The Social Impact Of World War I" (01/24/03)
CSUBPresents Johann Strauss's "The Gypsy Baron" Opera (01/23/03)
Council Of 100: "Teaching With New Technologies" (01/13/03)
Science Bowl Volunteers Sought (1/10/03)
CSUB Student Receives Horatio Alger Association Of Distinguished Americans Scholarship (01/19/03)
CSUB Accounting Department Hosts Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (01/09/03)
CSUB Receives New Street Signs (01/03/03)
Fall 2002
Repair Work Begins On CSUB Student Union (12/06/02)
Kern Economic Journal Quarterly Report (12/06/02)
Ted Kerzie Art Exhibit Set To Open At Jill Thayer Galleries (12/06/02)
Student Union Update (11/27/02)
Congressman Donates Records To CSUB (11/20/02)
Student Union Flooded (11/18/02)
Kegley Institute Of Ethics Presents An Ethics Panel Discussion (11/08/02)
Valley Fever Project Passes New Milestone (11/06/02)
CSUB Extended University Professor Honored (10/29/02)
Jim George Named CSUB Provost (10/28/02)
CSUB To Stage Arthur Miller's "A View From The Bridge" (10/28/02)
CSUB Fine Arts Committee Hosts "A Taste Of The Arts" (10/17/02)
CSUB Nursing Program Acrredited (10/16/02)
Facility For Animal Treatment(FACT) Open House (10/16/02)
Musica da Camera Concert (10/09/02)
CSUBStudent Earns Congressional Internship (10/02/02)
Candidates Fair (09/26/02)
War With Iraq Panel Discussion (09/24/02)
CSUB Hosts Hispanic Excellence Scholarship Fund (HESF) Dinner (9/20/02)
CSUB Adds 43 New Faculty Members (09/20/02)
Kern Economic Journal Quarterly Report (09/19/02)
Musica da Camera Concert (09/18/02)
"Animated Art, Contemporary Digital Media" Exhibit Opens At Todd Madigan Gallery (09/18/02)
CSUBSet To Open New Academic Year (09/17/02)
CSUB School Of Business & Public Administration Reaccredited (09/13/02)
Summer 2002
CSUB Receives Donation From Valley Fever Project To Continue Research (08/15/02)
Strike Likely Won't Affect Baseball (08/13/02)
Fall Enrollment Begins For Joint Engineering Program (08/08/02)
CSUB Hosts Children In The Marketplace (07/09/02)
Spring 2002
Study Compares Online, Instructional Television, And Classroom (06/11/02)
Small Fire Reported In Art Department (06/07/02)
Faculty Promotions Announced (06/04/02)
Winter 2002
Science Bowl Hosts Thirty-Two Teams (02/12/02)
V-DayCelebrated At CSUB (02/08/02)
Mexican Educational Officials Visit (01/28/02)
Opera Scenes Presented At CSUB (01/24/02)
Harvick Items Creating Nationwide Buzz (01/17/01)
"Terrorism, War, And The Politics Of The Middle East" (01/17/01)
Science Bowl Looking For Volunteers (01/17/01)
Peace And Diversity Celebrated (01/15/01)
CSUB Physics Professor Honored (01/14/01)
Professor Carlene Weber Dies (01/14/01)
Carnival Of Animals Performed At Da Camera Concert (01/11/01)
FACT Hosts February Open House (01/09/01)
Chi Alpha Epsilon Chartered At CSUB (01/09/01)
History Forum Takes Candid Look At Zimbabwe (01/07/01)
Engineering Program Opens Enrollment (01/02/01)
Fall 2001
MECHA Celebrates 30 Years At CSUB (11/21/01)
'Runner Basketball Preview' (11/21/01)
CSUB Included In State Budget Cuts (11/21/01)
ZimbabweExplored In Lecture (11/09/01)
CSUGrads Join Teaching Ranks In Record Numbers (11/08/01)
CSU Campuses Linked In Interactive Engineering Program (10/31/01)
CSUBPresents "A Taste of the Arts" (10/30/01)
Musica da Camera Goes "Back To Baroque" (10/29/01)
CSUB Hosts Open Campus (10/24/01)
Fall 2001 Enrollment Sets Record (10/23/01)
CSUBStudent Interning In Washington, D.C. (10/19/01)
Media Advisory: Hate Crimes Forum (10/16/01)
Guitar Virtuoso Headlines Coffeehouse (10/01/01)
New Faculty Welcomed At CSUB (09/27/01)
Scholarship Winners Recognized (09/25/01)
Discussion To Focus On Energy Crisis In California (09/20/01)
FACT Hosts Open House (09/14/01)
Faculty Art Exhibit Opens Season (9/14/01)
University Day 2001 (09/11/01)
Road Changes At CSUB (09/10/01)
Musica da Camera Presents "An Evening With Dvorak" (09/10/01)
Mayor Addresses 60+ Club (09/06/01)
Summer 2001
60+ Club Hosts Possibilities Day (08/29/01)
Kern Economic Journal Reports Positive Trends For Valley (08/24/01)
CSUB Introduces Books On-Line (08/24/01)
Language Seminar Presented (08/05/01)
CSUBSees Growth In Antelope Valley (08/05/01)
Researcher Wins Accolades (07/24/01)
Children In The Marketplace (07/17/01)
MEDIA ADVISORY: Science Bowl (06/13/01)
MEDIA ADVISORY: Career Day (06/11/01)
Spring 2001
Graduates Honored At 4 Ceremonies (06/07/01)
CSUB Celebrates 31st Commencement (06/07/01)
Interim Appointments Announced (06/05/01)
"Sumo: Mirror, Expression And Molder Of Japanese Society" (05/29/01)
CSUB Celebrates Successful Cornerstone Campaign (05/23/01)
CSUB Hosts Annual CSU Shakespeare Symposium (05/23/01)
Media Advisory: Cornerstone Campaign Celebration (05/21/01)
Jameison Named Student Activities Director At CSUB (05/14/01)
CSUB Celebrates Greek Week (05/14/01)
CSUB School Of Education Awarded National Accreditation (05/14/01)
CSUB Musician Performs At Carnegie Hall (05/14/01)
NSF Funds Scholarships (05/14/01)
CSUB Students Win Awards At CSU Student Research Competition (05/09/01)
FACT Hosts 19th Annual BBQ And Open House (05/08/01)
Perez Named Marketing Director For Extended University (05/03/01)
Runner Bookstore Celebrates Grand Opening (04/30/01)
Party In The Park 2001 (04/24/01)
National Youth Sports Program Offered Again At CSUB (04/23/01)
Performing Arts Presentation At Council Of 100 (04/23/01)
CSUB Debate Ranked 21st Nationally (04/09/01)
Provost Catlin Retires (04/09/01)
CSUB Debate Ends Season (04/09/01)
Chancellor Visits CSUB (04/04/01)
CSUB Studying Conversion To Semester System (04/02/01)
FACT Hosts Open House (03/26/01)
Musica da Camera Presents "Back To Baroque" (03/26/01)
Local Jazz Artist Earns National Honors (03/22/01)
First Economic Summit Moved To Larger Venue (03/21/01)
Speaker Examines Race Relations In The United States (03/20/01)
Winter 2001
CSUB Alumni Help "Read Across America (02/27/01)"
"Chicano Novel And Criticism" Discussed (02/26/01)
Grad School Information Day (02/26/01)
FACT Hosts Open House In March (02/21/01)
High Shool Art Exhibited At Madigan Gallery (02/21/01)
March History Forum Explores Racism And Law (02/21/01)
Women's Day Celebrated (02/21/01)
Math, Science Teachers To Meet (02/21/01)
February Is Cal Grant Month (02/13/01)
Fundraiser Benefits Model U.N. (03/21/01)
Campaign Reaches Another Milestone (03/19/01)
CSUB Scholarship Fund Hosts Gold Classic (03/15/01)
CSUB Hosts Orientation For New Students (03/15/01)
Nursing Accepting Applications For Fall (03/15/01)
Sports Management Program Launched (03/14/01)
Economic Summit Hosted By CSUB (02/27/01)
Math Field Day For Prep Students (02/23/01)
Media Advisory: MST Conference (02/23/01)
Kern Economic Journal: Kern Affordable In California (02/22/01)
CSUB Hosts Women's Day 2001 (02/21/01)
Iyasere Named Founding Dean (02/21/01)
Nominations Are Sought For Alumni Honors (02/20/01)
Extended Studies - Human Resource Course (02/20/01)
Math And Science Teachers Will Meet At CSUB (02/20/01)
CSUB Hosts High School Honors Students (02/19/01)
"The Children's Hour" To Open At CSUB (02/19/01)
Science Bowl Advisory (02/17/01)
High School Artists Exhibit At The Madigan Gallery (02/15/01)
Two Concerts Are On The Horizon (02/15/01)
Kern Senior Collaborative Awarded Grant (02/13/01)
Free Tax Help Available From Accounting Students (02/08/01)
V-day Scheduled At CSUB (02/08/01)
CSUB Finance Program Earns Accreditation (02/08/01)
Cal Grant Update (02/06/01)
Noted Philosopher Addresses Ashcroft Controversy (02/06/01)
CSUB Hosts Science Bowl (01/31/01)
Debate Team Update (01/29/01)
USC History Professor To Speak On Controversial New Field (01/26/01)
Aera Energy Donates Major Gift To Geology Department (01/26/01)
Opera Theatre Will Present Operetta Scenes (01/22/01)
Power Outages Possible (01/18/01)
Council Of 100 January Meeting Focuses On Economics (01/16/01)
Academic Corporate Circle Established At CSUB (01/11/01)
Energy Conservation Measures Implemented At CSUB (01/11/01)
Debate Team Has Strong Showing (01/03/01)
Beethoven Unplugged (01/02/01)
Fall 2000
Construction Begins On Business Center (12/19/00)
History Forum Examines Christianization Of Rome (12/18/00)
Provost Elected To College Of Fellows (12/18/00)
Intensive English Classes Begin On January 2nd (12/15/00)
CSUB Debate Team Ranks 15th Nationally (12/08/00)
CSUB Hosts Computer raphics Exhibit (12/01/00)
Community Band Presents Fourth Annual Christmas Concert (12/05/00)
Kern Economic Indicators Rebound Strongly (11/28/00)
Watkins Named Outreach Director (11/22/00)
Emergency Phone System Operational At CSUB (11/22/00)
0 Community Services "Adopts" Three Families For Christmas (11/21/00)
CSUB Performing Arts Professors Honored (11/20/00)
Last FACT Open House Of 2000 (11/20/00)
Cal Grant Program Is Expanded (11/14/00)
Media Advisory - Cal Grant (11/09/00)
Tex-Mex Artist Performs At CSUB (11/02/00)
Grant To Combat Teen Pregnancy In Kern County (11/01/00)
Community Band Presents annual Concert (11/01/00)
Visitors Enjoy "Taste Of The Arts" (10/31/00)
Da Camera Concert Series Continues (10/12/00)
CSUB Jazz Coffeehouse Grinds Onward (10/11/00)
Photo Exhibit Features Student Work (10/11/00)
Traffic Controls Planned Business Conference (10/10/00)
Media Advisory - Tree Planting (10/05/00)
Associated Students Sponsor Voter Registration At CSUB (10/03/00)
Domestic Violence Awareness Rally Scheduled (09/29/00)
CLL Family Issues Workshop (09/29/00)
Bike Path Detoured (09/28/00)
Debate Team Wins 2 In A Row (09/26/00)
FACT Hosts Open House (09/25/00)
Council Of 100 Discusses Literacy (09/21/00)
Hispanic Excellence Scholarship Dinner (09/18/00)
Musica da Camera Presents "Elegant Eighteenth" (09/15/00)
Debate Team Kicks Off Season (09/13/00)
CSUB Marks 30 Year Anniversary (09/11/00)
CSUB Has Two Fulbright Scholars In 2000 (09/08/00)
"Plugged-In" Exhibit At Madigan Gallery (09/06/00)
Johnson Appointed ITV Director (08/25/00)
Institute A Resource For Businesses (08/24/00)
Caregivers Can Get Help (08/24/00)
CSUB 30th Anniversary Wines Available (08/23/00)
60+ Club Welcomes New Members (08/21/00)
Kern Economic Indicators Soften (08/21/00)
CSUB Nursing Department Receives Grant (08/01/00)
Spring 2000
CSUB Nursing Department Receives Grant (06/16/00)
College Borrowers Should Apply Now (06/16/00)
Schools Split At CSUB (06/14/00)
CSUB Celebrates 30th Commencement (06/01/00)
CSUB Wins Grant For Spectrometer (05/30/00)
CSUB Faculty Earn Promotions (05/30/00)
Educational Technology Alliance (05/11/00)
CSUB Wins Grants (05/06/00)
Music Under The Stars (04/20/00)
"An Evening Of Chamber Music" Planned For May 5th (04/20/00)
One Woman Play Stars CSUB Theater Student (04/19/00)
Lowenstein Appointed BPA Dean (04/12/00)
Controversial Ethicist Peter Singer To Speak At CSUB (04/12/00)
CSUB Reaccredited For Another 10 Years By WASC (04/12/00)
CSUB Hosts Transfer Day (04/12/00)
'Surviving Abyssinia' Is Screened At The Dore Theater (04/07/00)
Council Of 100 Meeting (04/07/00)
CSUB Hosts Self-Defense Workshop For Women (04/06/00)
Honorees Are Recognized For Service To CSUB (04/05/00)
Golf Classic Benefits Scholarships (03/29/00)
Kegley Wins Wang Award (03/27/00)
Grant To Fund Science Scholarships (03/27/00)
CSUB Students Present Research (03/22/00)
Students Present At Chemical Society (03/22/00)
Exhibit Documents Highway 166 (03/21/00)
FACT Hosts Open House (03/21/00)
Greg Bruce Named First Women's Basketball Coach (03/21/00)
CSUB Hosts Orientation For New Students (03/20/00)
Ault Provides Election Analysis (03/06/00)
CSUB Introduces New Graduate Degree Program (03/03/00)
MSW Program Granted "In Candidacy" Status (03/02/00)
News From The Center For Economic Education And Research (03/01/00)
Winter 2000
Reception Honoring Stephen Neal Scheduled (02/29/00)
High School Artists Exhibit At The Madigan Gallery (02/29/00)
Debaters In Nationals (02/24/00)
Communications Is Newest Academic Department At CSUB (02/16/00)
CSUB Hosts Math Field Day For Prep Students (02/16/00)
Fourth District Candidates Will Speak At CSUB (02/11/00)
Deadline Approaches For Scholarship Applicants (02/10/00)
Beloved Play "Our Town" Is Performed At Dore Theater (02/10/00)
Debate Team Reaches Quarterfinals (02/09/00)
Nursing Deadline Extended (02/08/00)
University Hosts Science Bowl (02/08/00)
Tax Return Help (02/08/00)
Homecoming 2000 (02/07/00)
Honors Students Recognition Night (02/03/00)
FACT Hosts Open House At CSUB (01/25/00)
CSUB Offers Women Self Defense Training (01/19/00)
Cornerstone Campaign Nears Goal For Business Center (01/18/00)
CSUB Opens Antelope Valley Campus (01/20/00)
Scholarship Applicants Sought (01/11/00)
Mike Espy Is Keynote Speaker At Diversity Symposium (01/11/00)
Credential Program Still Accepting Applications (01/04/00)
Fall 1999
SMART Grad Information Night Scheduled (12/21/99)
School Of Education Schedules Orientations (12/20/99)
"Beaded Bags Of The Plateau" Exhibit At Madigan Gallery (12/20/99)