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Advancing the



Long Live CSUB

By Bill Ingram

The Blue and Gold
stands high for honor,

Thanks to all its pride.

We stand to pay
respect and glory

For us all to guide.

We are proud to shine
above the mountains

And across the sea.

Salute the blue and
gold tradition,

Long live CSUB.


CSUB Victory!

By Gwen Wilcox

Striving on, we face
the goal,

And will not be denied.

Always knowing cour-
age showing,

Strength is on our

Fighting on we’re hold-
ing strong

With victory in sight.

We will prevail, we will
not fail

To win the fight!

C – S – U – B!

CSUB Victory!


CSUB has something to sing about
By Mike StepanovichBill Ingram and Gwen Wilcox

An alumnus and a student won the alma mater and fight song contests respectively at California State University, Bakersfield.

Bill Ingram, who graduated from CSUB in 1976 and earned his master’s degree in educational administration from CSUB in 1995, was named the winner of the alma mater contest with a submission, titled “Long Live CSUB.”

Gwen Wilcox, who graduated in June with a major in music education, submitted the winning entry in the fight song contest with a song titled “CSUB Victory!”

“Oh my god! You’re kidding me!” Ingram said when Dan Gianoutsos informed him that his entry had won. “Oh, man, you’ve made my day!”

Wilcox was equally excited. “No kidding!” she exclaimed when Gianoutsos called her. “That’s very cool! I’m honored. That’s a neat thing!”

A native of Porterville, Ingram has been band director at Tulare Union High School since he first graduated from CSUB in 1976. His wife also graduated from CSUB; she entered with the very first class at CSUB in the fall 1970.

He said when he heard about the contest he it hadn’t occurred to him that CSUB didn’t have a fight song or alma mater.

“We’re Roadrunners,” he said. “We love the university. We’re really attached to it and always have been. … I just sat down over a few days, a week maybe, wrote it. I came up with the music first and then added the words. I envisioned everyone with hands together swaying back and forth – a lot of emotion in it.”

Wilcox looked to other fight songs for inspiration. “I kind of took motivation from other fight songs, the spirit and tempo, and translated that into a melody,” she said.

She said she was relaxing one day when suddenly “it came to me – the melody and lyrics. I thought, ‘Good grief, I’ve got to write this down and enter it.’” She envisioned herself at a game and “just tried to come up with something inspiring and motivating, something to get the crowd going.”

Both Ingram and Wilcox credited CSUB music professors with helping them.

“I credit a lot of my success to Gordon Mehling (who recently retired from CSUB),” Ingram said.

“Doug Davis has been really supportive of me,” Wilcox said.

A copy of the fight song plaque will be displayed in the student union and a copy of the alma mater plaque will be displayed in the alumni office.

“We’re very proud of Bill and Gwen’s achievements,” CSUB President Horace Mitchell said. “Their creations are now part of the tradition at CSUB, and will live on with the university forever.”

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