President's Monthly Campus Update

Take a stroll across the campus and you will notice something decidedly different this fall. There is vibrancy on campus that signals our growth. You will see faculty engaged in dialogue with students, staff, and other faculty outside the Jazzman Café. You will see clusters of study groups dotting Runner Park and hear the exchange of ideas as you walk down the halls of DDH and the Nursing, Science, or Education buildings. You will see community groups on campus meeting in the Dezember Leadership Center or in the Walter Stiern Library, where computer centers, study areas, and the computer lab are busy with student use. Of course, you will also see green tarps as construction of our Math & Computer Science Building is under way. You will notice that there simply seem to be more people on campus, more stirring, and more activity. That is because it is so. These vignettes illustrate that CSUB is growing, engaging, and moving forward. Welcome to the start of the 2006-2007 academic year.

Cerro Trust Distributes Funds to CSUB Units
Today, the campus received proceeds through a bequest from the trust of the late Dolores Cerro. This distribution to CSUB totals $3,060,000. The funds are earmarked as follows: $2,040,000 for the Walter Stiern Library, $510,000 for the Victor and Dolores Cerro Scholarship Fund, and $510,000 for the Facility for Animal Care and Treatment (FACT). Mrs. Cerro's legacy will be that of a philanthropist who supported those causes she cared about most. They are wide-ranging, from higher education to conservation and wildlife. The CSUB community will benefit from her generosity, not only in the immediate future, but also for many generations forward.

Campus Budget for 2006-2007
The State budget for CSUB as allocated by the Chancellor's Office is $76,464,315 based on a target enrollment of 6,675 full-time equivalent students (FTES). It is important to note that State support is not based on the number of students enrolled (i.e., head count), but on the average number of units taken by enrolled students-FTES. The total operating budget for the campus for 2006-07 is approximately $100,000,000. This total includes funding for contracts and grants, fund raising, and other income sources.

Campus resource allocations are based on the priorities established in our vision and strategic plan. The process extends over several months and involves multiple iterative steps by the CSU Board of Trustees; the Governor; the California Legislature; the CSU Chancellor's Office; and CSUB's deans and managers, President's Cabinet, Budget Advisory Committee, and President. A summary of allocations of State funds across the campus divisions is available for review in the Reserve Section of the Library, along with other budget detail and documentation.

Strategic Plan 2004-05 to 2014-15
The CSUB Strategic Plan is the document which operationalizes the University's vision for excellence. As its name implies, it details the strategies and actions the university will undertake to arrive at our vision. Our strategic plan is divided into two documents. The first sets forth the five goals of our vision statement: 1) Extend faculty and academic excellence and diversity; 2) Enhance the quality of the student experience; 3) Strengthen community engagement; 4) Develop an excellent and diverse staff; and 5) Develop a campus culture with a sense of community and a commitment to organizational excellence. Along with each goal are the three highest-level objectives identified as key to accomplishing the goal. The second document contains the appendices to the strategic plan. Appendix I details the actions, metrics, responsibilities, and timelines required to achieve the objectives. Appendix II lists those strategies which already have been accomplished.

The strategic plan is a living document. It will be added to, revised, discussed, and reworked as the various campus constituents engage in the planning process. For this reason, it will be housed on the University's home page (by October 16) for ease of access, rather than on a shelf to gather dust. I encourage you to review the strategic plan, to engage in the process, and to share your comments.

First Year Matters
During the coming year, in line with CSUB's strategic goal #2, "Enhance the Quality of the Student Experience," CSUB will participate in a national higher education project known as "Foundations of Excellence® in the First College Year." The Foundations of Excellence project is designed to help campuses evaluate and improve the overall experience of first-year students. The centerpiece is a model for first-year excellence comprised of a set of principles termed "Foundational Dimensions." These Dimensions include philosophy, organization, learning, faculty, transitions, all students, diversity, roles and purposes, and improvement.

Moreover, CSUB is collaborating with Bakersfield College and this partnership on the Foundations of Excellence process is the first-ever collaborative between a four-year university and a two-year community college on such an initiative. Partnerships such as this are a cornerstone of our vision for excellence.

I strongly encourage you to take part in this initiative and make a difference in the "First Year." You can help CSUB strengthen the first year experience by:

Please note that the options mentioned above are not mutually exclusive. You are encouraged to participate in all three options. For further information, please contact Dr. John Dirkse at 654-3420 or via email at; Dr. Steven Daniels at 654-2318 or via email at; or Vikash Lakhani at 654-3288 or via email t

CSUB Children's Center Prepares to Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary
The CSUB Children's Center opened in September 1976 with $4,500 raised by a group of students to start the program. The Center began with fourteen children, one classroom, one director-teacher and ten part-time aides. Since that time, the Center has grown to include five classrooms for children ages 2-5, with a typical daily attendance ranging from 95 to 100 children. Plans currently are underway to commemorate the 30 years of service that the Children's Center has provided to CSUB students and the Bakersfield community.

New Pharmacist for the Student Health Service
The Student Health Service has successfully recruited a full time pharmacist. Steve Briggs, RPh, has joined the SHS as Pharmacist-in-Charge, providing prescribed medications, over-the-counter items, and sage pharmaceutical advice to students. Steve previously worked at the Student Health Service at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo before coming back to Bakersfield to work as a consultant with El Tejon Drugs. Please join me in welcoming Steve to CSUB.

Residential Life
Housing continues its growth trend by opening for the sixth straight year with an increase in occupancy. This year we opened with 275 students, representing the largest number of students residing on campus in more than twenty years. We also are welcoming Leonard Perez in his new role as the full-time Resident Coordinator for Housing. Lenny worked for the Housing Office half-time for the past two years while he earned his Masters in School Counseling with an emphasis in Student Affairs. Lenny earned his bachelors degree in Communication from UC Santa Barbara.

Community Service
Community service is a vital part of my personal life and of the CSUB experience. I am pleased to add to my involvement in the local community memberships on the Board of Directors of the Kern Economic Development Corporation and the governing board of the United Way of Kern County. More broadly, I have been elected to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities and serve on the Commission of Effective Leadership of the American Council on Education (ACE).

Welcome Receptions and Staff Appreciation Luncheons
First Lady Barbara Mitchell and I continue our annual fall receptions at our home, welcoming the faculty on September 7 and 8, President's Associates on September 28, and student leaders on September 29. Our small group gatherings with staff for staff appreciation luncheons on campus continue throughout the year, and we look forward to these receptions and luncheons as opportunities to connect and interact on a less formal basis.

University Council & the President's Campus Forum
The next University Council meeting will be Friday, October 20, 2006, from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. in the Albertson Room. The President's Campus Forum will resume later this fall.

I look forward to seeing you around campus or at an upcoming University or community event.