CSU Bakersfield President's Monthly Campus Update Horace Mitchell, Ph.D.

The June issue of the Update is an occasion to laud our graduating students and recognize faculty, staff, and campus organizations. Among our 1500 graduates are future educators, health professionals, scientists, and businesspersons who will contribute greatly to the state's economy. Still others are future statespersons who have a vision for the state of California, and the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively manage issues of state. Our faculty have served not only as instructors and research supervisors to these future leaders, but also as role models, mentors, and sponsors. Our staff have provided services critical to our students' success. All our efforts have led to the moment of commencement when we honor our graduates for their achievements and release them to embark on different paths to make limitless contributions.

CSUB Students Head for Graduate Programs
It gives me great pleasure to highlight the achievements of a sampling of our graduating students, many of whom are continuing their education to pursue advanced degrees.

Students Accepted to Doctoral Programs
Stefan Bock, mathematics major, is enrolling in North Dakota State University's Ph.D. program in mathematics. He was awarded a teaching assistantship and graduate tuition waiver.

Yi Du, psychology major, outstanding undergraduate of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and in psychology, has been accepted to Iowa State University's Ph.D. program in counseling psychology.

Fernando Jara, history major, will enroll in the Claremont School of Theology to pursue a doctorate in religion. Fernando is a McNair Scholar and is in the CSU Pre-doctoral program.

Ashley Mabee, mathematics major with a minor in economics and the outstanding graduating senior in mathematics, was accepted to eight different Ph.D. programs, with full financial support in five. She will enroll in North Carolina State University's Ph.D. program in economics with full tuition, a $4,000 university doctoral fellowship, and a teaching stipend of $16,000 for five years.

Rebecca Ramos, mathematics major, is enrolling in North Dakota State University's Ph.D. program in mathematics. She was awarded a teaching assistantship and graduate tuition waiver.

Joshua Rocha, master's student in history, has accepted a Schoen Fellowship from UC Santa Barbara which covers all fees and provides a $29,000 living stipend. He will study modern western European history. Joshua accepted this offer while conducting research in London.

Jennifer Rodriguez, chemistry major, will pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy at University of the Pacific.

Nicholas Toothman, computer science major, will enter the Ph.D. program at UC Davis where he was accepted with full funding.

Gilbert Uribe, biology major, has been accepted to three UC graduate programs. He has chosen to attend UC Riverside next year. He is a McNair Scholar.

Ali Zanial, ASI Vice President, biology major with a chemistry minor, will enter the University of Southern California's School of Pharmacy.

Students Accepted into Master's Programs
Matthew Paul Fillhart, political science and religious studies major and the outstanding graduating senior in religious studies, will enroll at UC Davis. He will receive a scholarship which covers tuition and living expenses.

Carrie Hilvers, master's in science administration in healthcare management (2008) will enter the master's in physician's assistant program at Western University of Health Science. A student-athlete, Carrie was on the dean's list, and was captain of the 2007 softball team.

Yazmin Lopez, Spanish major with a minor in psychology, has been accepted to CSU Bakersfield's program in special education. She has been on the dean's list for four quarters.

Ashley Nunez, biology major and McNair Scholar, will enter the master's program in biology at CSU Bakersfield.

Amanda Payne, biology major and McNair Scholar, will pursue a master's in biology at CSU Bakersfield.

Ellen Piris, political science major and the outstanding graduating senior in political science, has been accepted to Columbia University's master's program in international affairs.

Danielle Ryan, political science major, will pursue a master of arts degree in political science at American University in Washington, D.C. She will receive a graduate honor award, a two-year, full tuition scholarship. Danielle is a McNair Scholar and is in the CSU Pre-Doctoral Program.

Tyson Smith, psychology major, has been accepted to CSU Fullerton's master of science program in clinical psychology.

Kshiti Vaghela, outstanding graduating senior in English, has been accepted into the master of fine arts program in creative writing (fiction) at the University of Maryland. She will receive full tuition plus $26,000 stipend, a $5,000 dean's scholarship, and fellowship funding.

Internships, Research, Study Abroad, and Careers
Celia Kelly, communications major, will serve a seven month internship in ESPN's Production Assistant Trainee Program in Bristol, Connecticut.

Jocelyn Morgan, a junior mathematics major, has been accepted to a 15-week autumn session of the NASA Undergraduate Student Research Project in Virginia.

A record eight CSUB students applied to go abroad with the CSU International Program and have been accepted. Seven are taking up the offer and will go this Fall.

Angelina Manriquez, Madrid, Spain
Mickey Mello, Tokyo, Japan
Melissa Ramirez, Accra, Ghana
Myriam Valdez, Bristol, England
Estefany Garcia, Madrid, Spain
Andrew Brown, Granada, Spain
Josth Stenner, Aix-en-Provence, France

Jonathan Berling has accepted a full-time position as a software engineer at Qualcomm in San Diego. Jonathan is a McNair Scholar.

Sixty-four Department of Nursing graduates will enter the nursing profession: Cynthia Anderson, Amber Arbini, Tina Arneja, Bertha Barraza, Christine Baybayan, Amber Bittner, Allyson Bowser, Alyssa Broome, Letty Cantorna, Donna Cha, Jenteal Cleveland, Evana Croda, Abigail Dizon, Jamie Ente, Cambria Fowler, Lladira Garcia, Michael Gregory, Emily Hall, Natalie Harryman, Antonio Hinojosa, Emily Ioppini, Joelle Johnson, Sachiko Kageyama, Bhupinder Kaur, Manveet Kaur, Sukhjit Kaur, Neda Khounchanh, Sarah Kimberly, Dayna LaSala, Stefanie Leyva, Ashley Lorenzo, Mayra Martinez, Madonna Mendoza, Carlos Mendoza-Bombela, Wan Ng, Jill Odom, Alyssa Oliver, Adelaida Ornelas, Nicole Padilla, Alexis Perez, Tram Phan, Amanda Pinkham, Kimberly Piron, James Powers, Lha-Arnie Raising-Riley, Emily Robb, Wendy Rodriguez, Windy Rogers, Kristina Rushing, Cherrie Sercena, Jonah Sklan, Gille Sumpo, Phing Tang, Muse Tekeste, Robeshelle Tolentino, Pei-yi Sharon Tong, Shun Di Shirley Tong, Hannah Tortal, Rocio Valencia Mendoza, Jason Verde, Sarah Wammack, Katie Weirather, Cassie Williams, and Nicole Yu.

Outstanding Students
Our schools abound with high achieving undergraduate and graduate students. From these, each program names an outstanding undergraduate and graduate student. I am pleased to recognize the outstanding students in each of our schools as noted below:

School of Business and Public Administration:

Dean Blankenbaker, Marketing
Cindy Breor, General Business
Suzann Chesebrough, Masters in Public Administration
Dimitre Grozdev, Economics
Iņaki Izaguirre, Master's in Business Administration
Sarai Jacinto, Public Policy & Administration
Kathleen Lee, Management Information Systems
Matthew Mason, Management
Jordan Motton, Finance
Benton Rice, Environmental Resource Management
Kayla Rosson, Human Resources
Joel Sandoval, Accounting
Casey Spinetti, Sports Management
Joan Marie Van Alstyne, Masters of Science in Administration, Health Care Management

Outstanding Alumnus:
Greg S. Williamson (BS '88, MPA '97)

School of Education

Undergraduate Degree:
Victoria Kreutz, Physical Education and Kinesiology, Physical Education
Claudia Sandoval, Child, Adolescent and Family Studies
John Kreitler, Physical Education and Kinesiology, Exercise Science

Credential Candidates:
Erika Delamar, Pupil Personnel Services, Bakersfield
Melissa Graves, Single Subject, Antelope Valley
Georgette Mahaffey, Education Specialist, Antelope Valley
Lisa Maya Loch-Uhl, Multiple Subject Credential, Santa Clarita
Susan Norman, Education Specialist, Bakersfield
Gustavo Morales, Multiple Subject, Bakersfield
Kacie Reagan, Single Subject, Bakersfield
Richard Rodriguez, Single Subject, Santa Clarita
Ashley Southworth, Multiple Subject, Antelope Valley

Master of Arts:
John Craft, Educational Administration, Hanford
Janet Dibbini, Educational Administration, Antelope Valley
Wisal Dibbini, Educational Administration, Antelope Valley
Eyoseph Esseaff, Curriculum & Instruction, Bakersfield
Dana Mazzocco, Educational Administration, Santa Clarita
John Montoya, Special Education, Antelope Valley
Lisette Segura, Bilingual/Multicultural Education, Bakersfield
DeAnna Swetland, Curriculum & Instruction, Antelope Valley
Annette Thomey, Educational Administration, Antelope Valley
April Todd, Special Education, Bakersfield
Myriam Torres, Early Childhood and Family Education
Janette Williams, Curriculum & Instruction, Regional Programs
Carolyn Zollinger, Reading/Literacy, Bakersfield

Master of Science:
Merrisa Alaniz, Counseling, Student Affairs
Megan Clark, Counseling, School Counseling

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Eloy Alcala, Jr., Criminal Justice
Yi Du, Outstanding Graduate of the School and of Psychology
Matthew Fillhart, Religious Studies
Kyle Harp, Anthropology
Yasimen Hashem, Liberal Studies
Stacy Holland, Art
Max Jacobs, Theatre
Blair Miller, Philosophy
Alyson Moss, History
Ellen Piris, Political Science
Katie Polston, Sociology
Ashley Tapia, Communications
Kshiti Vaghela, English
Olga Velez Lopez, Modern Languages & Literature
Nathanael Yeasley, Music

Dean's Award for Outstanding Papers
Rebecca Castro, Graduate Thesis
Rebekah Kearn, Humanities
Jonathan Milam, Graduate Paper

Awards of Excellence
Doris Bell, Excellence in Marriage & Family Therapy
Dennise Bentle, Clio Award in History
Kimberly Lenhardt, Betty B. Albright Award in Sociology
Danielle Ryan, Thomas Watts Peace Foundation Award in Political Science & History
Veronica Sanchez, Psi Chi Award in Psychology
Randall Smith, Charles Kegley Award in Philosophy & Religious Studies

Merit Award Scholars
Sara Mackey, English, Ablin Family Endowment
Anakaren Venegas, Spanish, Kegley Family Endowment

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Cynthia Jane Anderson, Nursing, Outstanding Undergraduate Paper, Merit Award
Jlynn Moore Bowen, Geology
Isabel I-Hsiu Bramer, Outstanding Graduate, Mathematics
Jennifer Culbertson, Outstanding Graduate Paper
Kasey Breann Frazier, Robert Noyce Scholarship
Ashley Mabee, Mathematics
Samantha Cassandra Madziarski, Outstanding Undergraduate Paper, Merit Award
Jessica Prather, Outstanding Graduate, Nursing
Michael Quinn Newell II, Physics
Jennifer Aileen Rodriguez, Chemistry
Nicholas Joseph Toothman, Computer Science
Gilbert Uribe Valdez, Biology

Faculty Tenure and Promotion
It is my pleasure to announce the following tenure and promotion awards, effective fall quarter, 2010:

Early Tenure and Promotion to Professor
     Benjamin Bae, Accounting/Finance

Promotion to Professor
     Jacqueline Hughes, Teacher Education
     Madhavappallil Thomas, Social Work

Early Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
     Mahdy Elhusseiny, Accounting/Finance
     R. Brandon Pratt, Biology

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
     Deborah Boschini, Nursing
     Nancy Bringman, Advanced Education
     E. Vincent Carter, Management/Marketing
     Aaron Hegde, Economics
     Kathleen Szick-Miranda, Biology

Promotion to Student Services Professional/Academic-Related II
     LaShawn Barefield, Counseling Center

Faculty Emeritus Awards
Emeritus status is an honor given to a retiring or retired faculty member or administrator in recognition of meritorious contributions to the University over many years of service. The following emeritus titles have been awarded for 2010/2011:

     Emeritus Professor
     Leonard Bacon, Accounting/Finance
     Melvin Dutton, Chemistry
     Robert Fletcher, Accounting/Finance
     Jane Granskog, Anthropology
     Michael Heivly, Art
     Jerome Kleinsasser, Music
     Candace Meares, Nursing
     Merry Pawlowski, English
     Laird Taylor, Mathematics
     Jorge Yviricu, Modern Languages

     Emeritus Associate Professor
     Nils Carlson, Jr., Education

     Emeritus Lecturer C
     Nomiki Shaw, Mathematics

     Emeritus Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
     James George, History

     Emeritus Senior Assistant Librarian
     David Kosakowski

Staff Forum Annual Service Awards
The Staff Forum Annual Service Awards recognizes staff employees in all classifications for their years of service. Congratulations to all.

5 Year Service Award
Cindy Breor, Jane Evarian, Deborah Frazier, John Hultsman, Denise Johnson-Dawkins, Curtis Guaglianone, Bruce LeFevre, Kathleen Lewis, Kelly Mejia, Horace Mitchell, Lou Montano, Angela Mora, Denise Nielsen, Leonard Perez, Beth Rienzi, Rosie Soriano, Angelica Vasquez, John Wallace, Evelyn Young, Karen Ziegler

10 Year Service Award
Milissa Ackerley, Eric Anderson, Elisa Baca, Marlene Benton, Salina Bouasangouane, Olimpio Chanco, Janice Clausen, Elena Contreras, Vera Cook, Erika Delamar, Wendy Gerhold, Josefa Guillen, Terry Hansen, Ernesto Hernandez, Jesus Huerta, Ariel Lauricio, Sonia Morentin, Sue Rivera, Rhonda Rutledge, Nancy Smith, Kathy Villa, Kim Williamson

15 Year Service Award
Martin Brothers, Alicia Escalante, Monica Grimes-Horsey, Eileen Montoya, Sandra Renfro, Oscar Rico, Paul Terrazas

Maria McWhorter

20 Year Service Award
Lilly Borrero, Melinda Conrad, Barbara Espinosa, Beth Garza, Tina Giblin, Tom Gomez, Madeline Grimes, Jeanne Hamrick, Scott Herron, James Jacks, Olga Lopez, Kelly Mallon, Don McQueen, Jr., Linda Mikita, Elaine Olsen, Diana Torres, Kathy Velguth

25 Year Service Award
Rodney Hersberger, Cathy Lee, Kathryn Plunkett

30 Year Service Award
Marirose Brown, Michael Fleming, Kelly Sawyer

35 Year Service Award
Steve Herndon, Frank Yap

2010 Student Leadership Awards
The following faculty, students, and organizations were recognized at student activities' fourth annual Student Leadership Awards ceremony. Nominations were made by the campus community. Winners were selected by a panel of students and staff.

Outstanding Advisor
Jennifer Barnett, Emerson Case, Omar Correa, Charles Lam, Jesse Quintanilla

Outstanding Community Service
Nu Phi Chi Sorority Community Service Cooperative

Outstanding Member
Maureen Caragao - Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

Outstanding Membership Recruitment
Community Service Cooperative

Outstanding Original Publicity/Marketing
Japan and Beyond

Outstanding Multicultural Organization
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Japan and Beyond

Outstanding Religious Group
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Outstanding Academic/Honors Organization
Sigma Tau Delta

Outstanding Student Organization President
Nancy Solis - Community Service Cooperative
Shara Tutop - Nu Phi Chi Sorority
Maiko Yoshioka - Japan and Beyond

Outstanding Student Organization
Community Service Cooperative
Japan and Beyond Nu Phi Chi Sorority

Appointment of Two New School Deans
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Soraya Coley and I are pleased to announce the appointments for the position of Dean, School of Arts and Humanities and Dean, School of Social Sciences and Education. Both positions are in the Division of Academic Affairs.

Dr. Richard Collins is the newly appointed Dean for the School of Arts and Humanities, effective August 1. He holds a B.A. in English from the University of Oregon, an M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Irvine. He brings more than 30 years of faculty and higher education experience both here in the United States and internationally. He has served as a Fulbright Senior Lecturer in American Literature in Romania and taught English at the American University of Bulgaria. He has served as Chair of the Department of Arts, English and Humanities at Louisiana State University at Alexandria since 2007.

Dr. Kathleen Knutzen is the newly appointed Dean for the School of Social Sciences and Education, effective August 1. Dr. Knutzen holds a B.Ed. and an M.Ed. in Physical Education from Western Washington University and a Ph.D. in Biomechanics from the University of Oregon. She brings more than 30 years of faculty and higher education experience. She has served as Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences since 2003 and Department Chair of Physical Education, Health and Recreation, Western Washington University since 1995.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank both Dr. Edwin H. Sasaki and Dr. Craig Kelsey for their outstanding service as the Interim Deans for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Education, respectively.

Solar Energy Project
If you stroll toward the southern end of campus, you will notice that Parking Lot "E" and the northern portion of Lot "I" have been closed. Construction of a $9.5 million, 1 megawatt solar project is underway. By the time fall quarter begins, the campus will have solar-panel covered parking for 500 spaces in these lots. The project is a public-private partnership between Sun Edison, Inc. and 15 CSU campuses, and is designed to source one-third of our energy for the campus. This initiative is part of CSUB's commitment to reduce our carbon footprint as part of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment.

University Council
University Council meetings will resume in the fall.

First Lady Barbara Mitchell and I wish you a refreshing summer during which you will be renewed and restored. I look forward to seeing you around campus or at another upcoming University or community event. Take care.