CSU Bakersfield President's Monthly Campus Update
Horace Mitchell, Ph.D.

Spring Commencement
You often have heard me say that one of my greatest joys as university president is welcoming incoming freshmen, transfer, and graduate students to CSUB. My greatest joy, however, is seeing students complete their studies and awarding their degrees. More than 1,400 students completed the requirements to receive bachelor's and master's degrees this spring. In addition, 349 credential candidates completed the curricular requirements for the teaching credential. I congratulate all on a job well done.

The June issue of the Update has become an occasion to acknowledge not only individual student achievements, but also the end-of-the-year recognitions of faculty, staff, and campus organizations. I thank all of you who enrich our campus and who work diligently to contribute to our university's success.

    School of Education Humanities & Social Sciences Natural Sciences & Math Business & Public Administration
Total bachelor's degrees: 1,130* 77 632 210 211
Total master's degrees: 292* 137 107 19 29
Total Spring graduates: 1,422* 214 739 229 240
*Number eligible to participate in commencement.

Outstanding Students Head for Graduate Programs
It gives me great pleasure to highlight the achievements of some of our outstanding students, many of whom are continuing their education to pursue advanced degrees.

Students Accepted to Doctoral Programs
A trio of chemistry majors has been accepted into Ph.D. programs at University of California campuses. Fadekemi Oba will enter UC Berkeley's doctoral program in physical chemistry. Joel Mackey will pursue a doctorate in organic chemistry at UCLA, while Cen Chen will pursue a doctorate in biochemistry at UC Davis. Travelling across the pond to the U.K. is physics major and student research scholar Diana Cosma, who completed her program of study at CSUB in 3½ years. Diana has been accepted as a Ph.D. student in theoretical condensed matter physics at the University of Lancaster and will receive a three-year doctoral scholarship. Kristen Cornell (Huling), a master's student in general psychology, has been accepted into Claremont University's doctoral program where she will study applied cognitive psychology. Reading/literacy master's student Christina Mody, the outstanding master of arts student for the graduate reading/literacy program, will pursue a Ph.D. in teaching and learning at UC Santa Barbara. Political science major Nicole Rippy will pursue a juris doctorate at Pepperdine Law School.

Students Accepted into Master's Programs

Outstanding Students
Our schools abound with high achieving undergraduate and graduate students. From these, each program names an outstanding undergraduate and graduate student. I am pleased to recognize the outstanding students in each of our schools as noted below:

School of Business and Public Administration:
Lindsay Craig, Management
Caryn Daharsh, Environmental Resource Management
Daniel Gutierrez, Accounting
Cory Hangos, Wall Street Journal
Rene Hjorth, Marketing
Philip Jornales, Marketing
Russell Parker, Management Information Systems
Jason Points, Sports Management
Daniel Rindge, Public Policy and Administration
Heather Schreiner, Economics
Justin C. Van Orsdol, General Business
David Wilhelm, Finance

Geoffrey M. Hill, Master of Public Administration
Kimberly Kotrla, Master of Science in Administration - Health Care Management
Christina Ozaeta-Dixon, Master of Business Administration

School of Education:
Kimberly Frieberg, Child, Adolescent and Family Studies, Bakersfield
Ceferino Mascarinas, Physical Education and Kinesiology, Physical Education
Evan Wahl, Physical Education and Kinesiology, Exercise Science

School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Greg Gordon, Outstanding Graduate Student of the School
Lacie Horwedel, Nursing
Luis Jauregui, Mathematics
Gina Martinez, Biology
Dan McCuan, Geology
Fadekemi Oba, Chemistry, Outstanding Undergraduate of the School, Outstanding Undergraduate Paper
Sean Taylor, Outstanding Graduate Paper
Max Velado, Computer Science

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Chris Baden, Communications
Yessica Garcia, Spanish
Jose D. Lopez, Anthropology
Maria Lopez, Sociology
Tiara Susan Lowe, Criminal Justice
Daniel Benjamin Musquez, Music
Clayton J. Plake, English, Outstanding Student of the School
Jessica Marie Price, Political Science
Vanessa Rodriguez-Barrera, Psychology
David Ryan, Art
Daniel William Sexton, History
Nicholas Brandon Siewell, Philosophy
Amy M. Smith, Liberal Studies
Jody Lynne Staller, Religious Studies

Dean's Awards for Outstanding Papers
Daniel William Sexton, Best Humanities Paper
Peter Hamilton Parra, Best Graduate Paper

Award for Excellence
Meghan C. Madding, Betty B. Albright Award in Sociology
Jonathan Michael Jensen, Clio Award in History
Alyssa J. Wolfer, Charles Kegley Award in Philosophy & Religious Studies
Laura Elizabeth O'Neal, Psi Chi Award
Thomas Kimbrell, Thomas Watts Peace Foundation Award in Political Science & History

Graduating Merit Award Scholars
Kelli Kristin Groves, Liberal Studies
Jody Lynne Staller, Religious Studies

Graduating Fine Arts Merit Award Scholar
Daniel Benjamin Musquez, Music

CSUB Alums Earn Doctorates
Among the graduates in the spring 2009 commencement ceremonies was Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Ron Radney, (MBA, '98), who earned his doctorate in Education Leadership in our joint Ph.D. program with the University of the Pacific. Ron received his bachelor of arts in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and joined the CSUB staff in the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office in 1992. David Lyman (B.A. '80, MPA '03), has earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Claremont Graduate University. On leave as Assistant City Planner for the City of Bakersfield, David served as an adjunct faculty member in the School of Business and Public Administration before leaving for Claremont. He participated in the CSU Doctoral Incentive Program. Congratulations, David and Ron.

Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars
The Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars program provides financial support, advising, and faculty mentorship to upper division undergraduates and master's degree students who desire to pursue a doctorate and teach at the university level. The competitive program targets doctoral aspirants from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. A $3,000 award affords the scholar opportunities to travel and apply to doctoral-granting institutions, summer research internships, and pay for reference books and other educational materials. In addition to the monetary award, the scholars will receive a fully paid internship next summer. This year, CSUB boasts three Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars: political science majors Ruth Leon and Danielle C. Ryan, and biology major Amanda Payne. Their faculty mentors are Drs. Michael Ault, Kent Price, and Kathy Szick-Miranda, respectively. All three awardees also are McNair Scholars. Congratulations to all.

Faculty Tenure and Promotion
It is my pleasure to announce the following tenure and promotion awards, effective fall quarter, 2009:

Promotion to Professor
Monica Ayuso, English
Michael Bedell, Management / Marketing
Alemseghed Kebede, Sociology / Anthropology
David Olson, Management / Marketing
Sophia Raczkowski, Mathematics

Early Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
Tim Vivian, Philosophy / Religious Studies

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor
Tanya Boone, Psychology
Jong Choi, Social Work
Teresa Fernandez-Ulloa, Modern Languages
Yangsuk Ko, Mathematics
Charles Lam, Mathematics
Edna Molina, Sociology / Anthropology
Judith Pratt, Communications
Sarah Vanderlip, Art
Jianyu Wang, PEAK
Michael Way, Management / Marketing

Amy Hedden, Nursing
Norman Keltner, Nursing

Faculty Emerita Award
The title of Emerita Professor of Teacher Education has been bestowed upon Dr. Michelle Zachlod. Emeritus status is an honor given to a retiring or retired faculty member or administrator in recognition of meritorious contributions to the University over many years of service. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Zachlod.

McCleary Named Mental Health Professional of the Year
The Kern County Mental Health Department and the Kern County National Alliance on Mental Illness have named Dr. Roseanna McCleary, professor of social work, the 2009 Kern County Mental Health Professional of the Year. She was recognized as exemplifying a high standard of professional ethics, skills, and a commitment to community involvement in the mental health community. Her research areas include end of life issues and social work education. Congratulations, Roseanna.

Staff Forum Annual Service Awards
The Staff Forum Annual Service Awards recognizes staff employees in all classifications for their years of service. Congratulations to all.


  • Richard Beckett
  • Michael Brown
  • Diane Bryson
  • Pamela Gomez
  • Sally Larroque
  • Shiree Martinez
  • Heather Mejia
  • Taren Mulhause
  • Michelle Pearce
  • Karel Placencia
  • Katie Schneider
  • Ron Watts


  • Rachel Leckliter


  • Michael Bullis
  • Stephanie Burgess
  • Patricia Cadena
  • Victoria Champion
  • Pam Conners
  • Casilda Estrada
  • Mari Gandarilla
  • Jim La Joie
  • Lisa McQuin
  • Steven Miller
  • Margaret Moorhead
  • Chad Morris
  • Horse Robinson
  • Christina Shiery
  • Clifford Smith
  • Doug Smith
  • Sandie Smith

15 Year Service Award

  • Ernest Hashim
  • Steven Holmes
  • Martie Martinez
  • Joseph Mendez
  • Ron Molina
  • Ken Simpson
  • Keith Smith
  • Shelly South
  • Diane Wiggins
  • Laura Wolfe

20 Year Service Award

  • Kathy Carpenter
  • Patrick Choi
  • Lilia Flores
  • Richard Maraccini
  • Cheryl Moore
  • Tommy Robins
  • Vetta Uraine
  • Henry Yniguez

25 Year Service Award

  • Scott Burgy
  • Alfonso Espinoza
  • Clarke Sanford

30 Year Service Award

  • Irene Leung

Outstanding Staff

  • Penny Lampkin
  • Tina Giblin
  • Elizabeth Powers

Outstanding Department

  • Administrative Computing Services:
  • Victor Arcabos
  • Nancy Bloomquist
  • Michael Bullis
  • Scott Burgy
  • Gregory Bursett
  • Jeanne Hamrick Terry Radney
  • Chuck Wonderly
  • Brian Chen
  • Steve Miller
  • Robert Fonner
  • Irene Leung, Director

Student Leadership Awards The following faculty, students, and organizations were recognized at student activities' fourth annual Student Leadership Awards ceremony. Nominations were made by the campus community. Winners were selected by a panel of students and staff.

Outstanding Advisors of the Year
Charles Lam, Math Club
Anthony Nuno, ATENA (Asociación Transnacional para la Educación de Niños y Adultos)
Ben Perlado, Kaibigan
Maricela Ramirez, Migrant Student MBA Chapter
Karla Young, Black Women on Campus
Natasha Harris, Black Young Stars

Outstanding Community Service
Phi Sigma Sigma

Outstanding Fundraising

Outstanding Member
Maria Brown - Phi Sigma Sigma
Faye Galang - CNSA
Lizeth Delgado - Theta Sigma Chi

Outstanding Educational Program
Theta Sigma Chi
Math Tutoring Center

Outstanding Multicultural Organization
Japan and Beyond
Black Young Stars

Outstanding Membership Recruitment
Phi Sigma Sigma
Theta Sigma Chi

Outstanding Student Organization President
Erika Madrigal - MEChA
Mike Butler - CSC

Outstanding Student Organization
Community Service Cooperative
Theta Sigma Chi

State Budget

To provide the campus with current budget information, we held a standing-room-only campus-wide budget forum on June 15 in the Student Union multipurpose room. As California's economy continues to deteriorate and the state budget worsens, the CSU must plan for long-term reductions in state funding. While the final amount of the reduction to the CSU's funding remains in flux, our planning assumption is a $583 million budget reduction. The impact of this reduction to CSUB is a $13.2 budget cut for 2009-10. Our priorities during this budget crisis remain: 1) to serve as many students as possible without sacrificing quality; and 2) to preserve as many jobs as possible for faculty and staff. No single solution exists to the budget crisis. Only a prudent set of multiple strategies will see us through. The Cabinet, Academic Senate, Budget Advisory Committee, and I are working together in a consultative process toward potential solutions. These solutions include the continuation of cost-cutting measures such as hiring and salary freezes and travel restrictions; reductions in services; consolidation of programs and services; organizational realignments; inter-campus and inter-agency partnerships; discontinuation of programs and activities; increase in class sizes; revenue generation; furloughs (if agreement is reached with bargaining units); and layoffs.

Information regarding the state budget changes daily. We will continue to post substantive information on our home page at www.csub.edu "Budget Central" as we receive it. My PowerPoint presentation from the June 15 budget forum is available on the Budget Central website, as is a video of the forum.

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Receives $298,000 Grant

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Dirk Baron, professor of geology, Dr. Tom Meyer, professor of physics, and Dr. Ron Hughes, professor of education, and Dr. Alvin J. Thompson of the Kern High School District for their successful collaboration in receiving a National Science Foundation grant in the amount of $298,000. The highly competitive grant, will support a two-year planning process for a math and science partnership between CSUB and the Kern High School District. The project, "Planning for a Math and Science Institute Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley of California," aims to improve training of high school science and math teachers. After the two year planning period, the team will be positioned to apply for a full award.

University Council

University Council meetings will resume in the fall.

As always at the end of each academic year, First Lady Barbara Mitchell and I wish you a rejuvenating summer. I look forward to seeing you around campus or at another upcoming University or community event.