Community partners plant trees at CSUB

March 30, 2009
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Community Partners Plant Trees Photo

California State University, Bakersfield is a little greener thanks to generous community partners who donated 50 southern live oak trees to campus. The 15-gallon trees, planted by community volunteers, now line 1,700 feet along the northwest border of campus near Stockdale Highway.

CSUB President Horace Mitchell and his family planted the first tree, while demonstrating safety and proper planting techniques to the volunteers.

"These trees represent our ongoing commitment to improving the sustainability of our campus and our community," Mitchell said. "Not only will the trees beautify the campus landscape, but they will also help remove carbon emissions from the air, creating cleaner air for future generations."

Mitchell noted the trees are the result of community partnerships at their finest. Pacific Gas and Electric Company provided funding for the foliage with a $5,000 contribution to the Tree Foundation of Kern. The university extended the water line under CSUB Way to make irrigation possible. U.S. Irrigation stepped forward to donate and install the sprinkler system, a project valued at $7,500. The City of Bakersfield donated four yards of mulch and the CSUB Associated Students, Inc. has established a tree maintenance fund with an initial $2,000 contribution.

"The trees will really change the face of the university from Stockdale Highway, and contribute to improving the environment," said Brent Rush, Pacific Gas and Electric Company local area manager-government relations. "We're proud to be part of improving our community."