February 27, 2007
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A team of Mathletes® from Fruitvale Junior High in Bakersfield has won the local MATHCOUNTS team competition. The top individual was Anders Eagleson from Fruitvale. He earned this award by winning the Countdown Round, a head-to-head mathematics competition. This year's competition was held Saturday, Feb. 24, at CSUB.

Members of the winning team from Fruitvale are Joseph Choi, Anders Eagleson, Zach Lotze, and Grant Novins. The coaches for Fruitvale are Daniel Ardron and Stephanie Long.

The second place team is Warren Junior High from Bakersfield. The team members are Alex Chan, Jhotte Kannapan, Michael Limeiro, and Alan Xu. The coaches for Warren are Mary Beth Moon and Lori Tholl.

These two teams will now advance to the State Competition at the University of California, Irvine on March 17.

The third place team is Chipman Junior High from Bakersfield. The team members are Haley Davis, Robynn Kurczodyna, Erynn Worthing, and David Wright. The coaches for Murray are Lynne Spoons, Lynne Hetherton, Tami Welsh, and Andrea Gerber.

The fourth place team is Murray Middle School from Ridgecrest. The team members are Charlotte Flatebo, Luke Kelley, Nam Trinh, and Sam Woodman. The coaches for Murray are Lynne Spoons, Lynne Hetherton, Tami Welsh, and Andrea Gerber.

The fifth place team is McKee Middle School from Bakersfield. The team members are Peter Kedzierski, Pete Naveiras, John Tenorio, and Joshua Tenorio. The coach for McKee is Robert Niz.

Additionally, the best sixth-grade school for the second year was Discovery Elementary from Bakersfield. The team members are Craig Bailey, Corbin Burnes, Ryan Alford, and Cassidee Kido. The coach for Discovery is Kelly Fries.

The three students with the highest scores on individual tests and who are not members of either of the two advancing teams will also advance to the state competition. These students are Robynn Kurczodyna, Peter Kedzierski, and Luke Kelley.

The Countdown Round participants were the 10 highest scoring students from individual written tests. The final results were Anders Eagleson, first place; Robynn Kurczodyna, second place; Joseph Choi, third place; Peter Kedzierski, fourth place; Michael Limeiro, fifth place; Jhotte Kannapan, sixth place; Luke Kelley, seventh place; Grant Novins, eighth place; Heidi Yi from Murray Middle School, ninth place; and Cassidee Kido, 10th place.

The top-scoring student from each of the 17 participating schools also received an award. These awards were given to Robynn Kurczodyna from Chipman; Cassidee Kido from Discovery; David Kilpatrick from Downtown Elementary in Bakersfield; Braxton Fitts from Emerson Middle School in Bakersfield; Trevor Millar from Franklin Elementary School in Bakersfield; Joseph Choi from Fruitvale; Ezequiel Hernandez from Haven Drive Middle School in Arvin; Alexis Bartels from Jacobsen Middle School in Tehachapi; Emma Austin from James Monroe Middle School in Ridgecrest; Peter Kedzierski from McKee; Bryan Cervantes from Mountain View Middle School in Lamont; Luke Kelley from Murray; Juethani Tiscareno from Bessie Owens Intermediate School; Yadira Vasquez from Palm Avenue Elementary School in Wasco; Jose Sepulveda from Rio Bravo Greeley School in Bakersfield; Jorge Zuniga from Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Wasco; Michael Limeiro from Warren.

Locally, MATHCOUNTS is sponsored by the CSUB Department of Mathematics and the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office. Founding Sponsors are the National Society of Professional Engineers, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and CNA Foundation.