Masterplan EIR availble 15 more days

July 27, 2007
Kathy Miller, 661/654-2456, or
Michele Newel, 661/654-2720,

CSUB Seeks Comments on Administrative Draft of its Final Campus Master Plan EIR

California State University, Bakersfield President Horace Mitchell announced today that in order to allow more time for additional comments on the university's Campus Master Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR), the university will post the administrative draft of the final EIR on the campus website on Monday, July 30. The public will have 15 days to provide any additional written comments. Those comments will be incorporated into the final EIR, along with responses, before it is forwarded to the CSU Board of Trustees for consideration of approval.

In a statement, Mitchell said: "Normally, the public does not have access to the administrative draft of the final EIR. This added comment period is being made available in response to some expressed concerns that the 30-day (rather than 45-day) comment period for the draft EIR was not long enough to allow adequate time for all interested persons to make comments.

"The administrative draft final EIR is different from the draft EIR which was previously available for public comment in that it is more up-to-date. It contains all comments received to date and responses to those comments, and it incorporates updates and clarifications of information contained in the draft EIR.

"Simply extending the comment period on the draft EIR would not have provided access to the most current information. For example, in describing the area of the campus which will be used for public-private partnership projects, the draft EIR mentioned the proposed twin towers hotel/condominium project, while the administrative draft of the final EIR states the fact that that project has been deleted.

"The Campus Master Plan EIR covers the planned physical development of the campus to accommodate new academic buildings (classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, etc.), student services and athletic facilities, administrative and other program space, roadways and other facilities to meet the campus's needs for a planned enrollment from 12,000 full-time equivalent students (FTES) (current Campus Master Plan) to 18,000 FTES.

"The Campus Master Plan EIR does not cover public-private partnerships. Each of the two current proposals (office building and children's museum) and any future new projects will be required to undergo an environmental documentation process resulting in a separate EIR before final project approval would be considered by the CSU Board of Trustees."