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CSUB student wins second prize for physics research
  January 11, 2006
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CSUB student wins second prize for physics research

A California State University, Bakersfield graduate student brought home high honors for his physics research at the California Section of the American Physical Society’s (APS) fall meeting.

Alex Todd, CSUB MBA student, won second prize for the Kennedy Reed Award for theoretical research, an APS award noted for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory physicist Kennedy Reed.

Todd’s work was judged among the works of graduate students from California Institute of Technology, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory, and other high profile research universities. “The fact that Alex, an undergraduate in physics, received a prize is especially impressive,” said Alexander Dzyubenko, CSUB physics professor.

Todd graduated with his bachelor’s degree in physics from CSUB last spring and is currently enrolled in CSUB’s MBA program. He is also continuing his physics research with Dzyubenko. “This research project has been concentrated mostly on quantum models that describe the behavior of charged particles in strong magnetic fields in semiconductors,” Dzyubenko explained. “Interestingly, this work may also be relevant for ions in the atmosphere of a neutron star, where a super-strong magnetic field is present.”

Todd is thrilled to receive the award. “I am elated to have been recognized,” he said. “This is my third year being a part of (CSUB’s) SRS (Student Research Scholars, a privately funded program which supports undergraduate and graduate research). Anything I get recognized for is directly related to Dr. Dzyubenko. He has been a great mentor and teacher.”



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