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Mathcounts Winners
  March 2, 2006
Mike Stepanovich, 661/654-2456,,
or Jaclyn Loveless, 661/654-2138,

For the second year in a row, a team of middle school Mathletes® from Earl Warren Junior High School in Bakersfield won the local MATHCOUNTS team competition. The top individual was Emily Johnson from Murray Middle School in Ridgecrest. She earned this award by winning the Countdown Round, a head-to-head mathematics competition. This year's competition was held Feb. 25 at California State University, Bakersfield.

Members of the winning team from Warren are Mona Gupta, Akash Jain, Michelle Senar, and Albert Young. Coaches for Warren are MaryBeth Moon, Cynthia Goodwin, and Lori Tholl.

The second place team is from Murray Middle School. Team members are Keith Deruiter, Megan Flatman, Emily Johnson, and Sam Woodman. Coaches for Murray are Lynne Spoons, Lynne Hertherton, Tami Welsh, and Andrea Gerber.

The third place team is from Fruitvale Junior High in Bakersfield. Team members are Nikhil Bhambi, Joseph Choi, Grant Novins, and Emily Simon. Coaches for Fruitvale are Candice Tayco and Kristin Cable.

These three teams advance to the state competition at University of California, Irvine on March 18.

The fourth place team is from Home Street Middle School in Bishop. Team members are Jon Barbjeri, Joy Hecht, Melissa Holste, and Angela Tomczik. The coach for Home Street is Gerri Ebersole. The fifth place team is from Mammoth Middle School in Mammoth Lakes. Team members are Keegan Meade, Kyle Menunier, Adam Obenberger, and Andrew Oliverira. Coaches for Mammoth are Linda Wilson and Melissa Zachary.

Additionally, the best sixth grade school was Discovery Elementary in Bakersfield. Team members are Jeremy Choi, Ravi Gupta, Zach Lotze, and Eric Millan. Coach for Discovery is Diane Hutcherson. .

The top four scoring students, who are not a member of any of the three advancing teams, will also advance to the state competition. These students are Anders Eagleson from Fruitvale in Bakersfield, Peter Kedzierski from Bessie Owens Intermediate School in Bakersfield, Tyler Bond from New Vista Middle School in Lancaster, and Angela Tomczik from Home Street School in Bishop.

The Countdown Round participants were the 10 highest scoring students from individual written tests. The final results were: Emily Johnson, first place; Albert Young, second place; Mona Gupta, third place; Grant Novins, fourth place; Anders Eagleson, fifth place; Peter Kedzierski, sixth place, Tyler Bond, seventh place; Angela Tomczik, eighth place; Akash Jain, ninth place; and David Wright from Chipman Junior High in Bakersfield, 10th place.

The top scoring student from each of the 17 participating schools also received an award. These awards were given to David Wright from Chipman; Zach Lotze from Discovery; Kelsey Norman from Emerson Middle School in Bakersfield; David Kilpatrick from Franklin Elementary School in Bakersfield; Victor Lopez from Haven Drive Middle School in Arvin; Angela Tomczik from Home Street in Bishop; Grant Novins from Fruitvale; Kyle Menunier from Mammoth; Jonathan McClain from James Monroe Middle School in Ridgecrest; Graciela Arrellano from Mountain View Middle School in Lamont; Emily Johnson from Murray; Tyler Bond from New Vista; Peter Kedzierski from Bessie Owens; Maggie Blanchard from Palm Avenue Elementary School in Wasco; Elodia Alvarez from Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Wasco; Albert Young from Warren; and Matthew Irvine from Washington Middle School in Bakersfield.

Locally, MATHCOUNTS is sponsored by the CSUB Department of Mathematics and the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office. Founding Sponsors are the National Society of Professional Engineers, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and CNA Foundation.