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New CSUB parking regs
  December 18, 2006
Mike Stepanovich, 661/654-2456,,
or Jaclyn Loveless, 661/654-2138,

When students and faculty return to California State University, Bakersfield for the winter quarter on Jan. 2, 2007, new parking regulations will be in place that will affect daily fees, fines and scofflaws.

No change has occurred, however, to the cost of the quarterly parking permit.

The new regulation will increase daily parking fees to $2 per vehicle. Metered spaces will be $1 per hour.

Fines will also increase:

  • Vehicles without a parking permit, $25 (Previously, $17).
  • Vehicles parked out of a parking space, $25.
  • Loading zone violation, $35.
  • Illegally parked in a driveway, on a sidewalk or on grass or dirt, $40.
  • Vehicles parked in a no-parking zone, $50.
  • Blocking or parked in a disabled spot without valid disabled parking permit, $300.

Those who have accumulated five or more delinquent parking tickets will have their vehicles immobilized until they have either paid the fines or contacted the CSUB police parking services supervisor to make arrangements to pay.

Quarterly parking permits for students remain $36 for vehicles, $9 for motorcycles. CSUB's quarterly parking permit has been $36 for nearly 20 years, and is among the lowest in the CSU. It first went to $36 in fall 1987, and has remained there ever since.

Among parking fees charged at other CSU campuses: CSU Fullerton, $144 per semester; CSU San Bernardino, $72 per quarter; Sonoma State, $94 non-reserved per semester, $262 reserved per semester; CSU Chico, $72 per semester; CSU San Marcos, $248 per semester; Sacramento State, $108 per semester; CSU East Bay, $42 per quarter; CSU Stanislaus, $43 per semester, Cal Poly Pomona, $93 per quarter; CSU Monterey Bay, $54 per semester; Fresno State, $68 per semester; and Long Beach State, $98 per semester.

Parking-permit fees and fines are the only sources of revenue for campus transportation needs:

  • Permit fees pay for construction and maintenance of campus roads and parking lots, and pay for parking staff.
  • Fines may only be used to fund alternative transportation and administer the parking fines and forfeiture programs.

CSUB Police Chief Claudia Neal said the new regulations will bring the campus in line with other state and local fine structures.

"CSU Bakersfield had the lowest level of fines in the CSU system and in the City of Bakersfield," Neal said. "Fines were $17 for all violations except for disabled-space violations. When fines are too low, compliance is low and by increasing the fines, compliance to the regulations is increased. Therefore, a tiered fine structure has been implemented."

Unpaid parking fines are a problem, Neal said. "In the past, when an owner of a vehicle who received a parking citation did not take care of the citation, the fine for the violation increased until eventually a lien was placed on the vehicle's registration. This program has not been effective. We currently have $147,452 in outstanding fines over the past three years.

"In an effort to reduce the number of people who do not take care of parking citations, parking services will be immobilizing vehicles with five or more delinquent citations," she continued. "The intent is not to deprive the owner of his or her vehicle, but to have the owner come to parking services and provide a plan to pay for his or her outstanding parking fines and start complying with university regulations. The sole intent is compliance to parking regulations."

To view CSUB's parking regulations, go to