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University Day at CSUB
August 31, 2005
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“This event is symbolic of the beginning of the academic year,” said CSUB President Horace Mitchell. University Day annually inaugurates the new academic year the week before CSUB's first day of classes, which is Sept. 13. It's a day where new faculty members are introduced, various workshops and discussions are held and Mitchell addresses the faculty and staff, setting the university's goals for the coming year.

In addition, a special welcome reception will be held for Soraya Coley, CSUB’s new provost. “This is a great opportunity for us to come together and celebrate the start of the academic year and to dialogue about issues of importance across all of our areas,” Coley said. “To me it represents a day focused on institutional vitality and student success. We all have a contribution to make and this day affirms that.”

There has been a great deal of excitement on campus with the university projecting a record 8,000 students for fall enrollment and the intention to move to NCAA Division I athletics. The campus will begin its exploratory year this fall, part of a five-year reclassification process.

CSUB is in the process of raising $6 million to help fund the added costs of Division I affiliation. To that end a team of university advancement officials and community leaders has been working to raise a portion of that money from community sources. CSUB students voted last spring to increase their campus fees to help fund the move.

The declaration means CSUB could start playing Division I opponents as early as 2006-07, and could take on a full Division I schedule in 2007-08.

Its teams and athletes would be eligible to win NCAA championships in all sports after 2009-10, the last year of the reclassification process. The move will not affect the Roadrunner wrestling and water polo teams, which already compete at the Division I level.



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