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CSUB researchers present Tulare Lake data
  October 17,2005
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California State University, Bakersfield geology professors Robert Negrini and Dirk Baron are presenting some of their research and their student’s research at the 117th annual meeting of the Geological Society of America on Oct. 16-19 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Negrini expects more than 5,000 people to attend, adding that this event is one of the largest earth science meetings.

Negrini, along with fellow geology professor Robert Horton, alumna geology student Sara Draucker, staff archaeologist Jill Gardner, and anthropology professors Mark Sutton and Robert Yohe have been studying the history of the Tulare Lake, which is now farmland. “We can determine that the lake level was high four different times within the past 10,000 years,” he said. The geology professor said this type of study provides data for those to predict climate changes using the past as an indicator for the future.

The professors will also discuss other research including the study of how arsenic gets into ground water in Kern County.

Research performed by geology graduate students Leslie Boockoff and Elizabeth Golob will also be presented. “Grad students get to do a great deal of work around here,” Negrini emphasized.

He said these types of projects are really essential to CSUB. “If we didn’t get to do research like this,” Negrini said, “we wouldn’t be as up to date and our students wouldn’t be as employable.”

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