Sept 13, 2004
CONTACT: Mike Stepanovich, 661/664-2456 or mstepanovich@csub.edu

A new e-mail address where community members may send their suggestions for improving California State University, Bakersfield has been established by new CSUB President Horace Mitchell.

The new e-mail address, excellence@csub.edu, provides community members a direct link to the university to share ideas and suggestions to help the campus achieve its vision of excellence.

“Our vision is that by 2014-15, CSU Bakersfield will be the leading campus in the CSU system in terms of faculty and academic excellence and diversity, quality of the student experience, and community engagement,” Mitchell said. “Realization of our vision will be advanced by recruitment, development and promotion of an excellent and diverse staff within an organizational culture committed to excellence in all areas.

“And we need the community’s input to achieve that. That’s why I created this new e-mail address.”

Mitchell said he got the idea for the e-address one day in the supermarket. While pushing his shopping cart, he encountered a woman who asked if he was CSUB’s new president. He said yes, he was. After exchanging pleasantries, the woman wanted to share some ideas she had about the campus and asked if she would have an opportunity to do so. Mitchell said yes, that he planned a series of focus-group meetings to gather input and ideas, and then spent a few minutes listening to the woman’s thoughts.

But that chance encounter made him think that if a woman in a supermarket had some ideas for excellence, very likely others had ideas they’d like to share as well. So he created the excellence e-address.

“I invite all members of the community to write to us with their ideas for excellence,” he said. “My business card has both my regular e-mail and excellence e-mail addresses. Through this interaction with our constituency I hope that we will be able to reap many good ideas that will help us in our pursuit of excellence.”