JAN 17, 2002
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Geigle to discuss "Terrorism, War, and the Politics of the Middle East"

A timely lecture at California State University, Bakersfield will examine the United States' war against terrorism, and provide some insight into the events that precipitated it.

Ray Geigle, professor of political science and former dean of CSUB's former School of Arts and Sciences, will discuss "Terrorism, War, and the Politics of the Middle East" on Wednesday, Feb. 6, at 7 p.m. in the Dore Theater on the CSUB campus. The lecture is sponsored by the Kegley Institute of Ethics at CSUB.

Two other panelists will offer responses: Greg Goodwin, professor of history at Bakersfield College; and Dr. Syed Mohammed, chief psychiatrist and neurologist at Wasco State Prison.

Geigle's expertise is in world politics - including the Middle East - and international relations. He said that in his lecture he plans "to offer a perspective on the thesis that this is part of a clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and the West and try to provide the audience with an analysis of the political activities and objectives of several different movements within the global Islamic community.

"I plan to explain why some of the movements breed fanaticism and terrorism aimed at the West generally and Americans specifically, and assess the role of nation-states, both our allies and adversaries, in sponsoring terrorism.

"And finally, I will make some recommendations for American policies in response to terrorism directed at us that is justified in the name of Islam, that I believe will stimulate some debate."

The lecture is open to the public free of charge.

The lecture series honors the late founding faculty member Charles W. Kegley, who joined the CSUB faculty in 1970 to develop the philosophy and religious studies department. The institute was founded to support studies in ethics and society.

For more information about the institute and the lecture series, please call 661/664-3149.

Ray Geigle

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