FEB. 21, 2002
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Math and science teachers will meet at CSUB

An internationally known mathematician and a former astronaut are the keynote speakers at the 14th annual Math, Science, and Technology Conference Friday and Saturday (Feb. 22-23) at California State University, Bakersfield.

More than 1,300 local area teachers are expected to attend. The meeting brings together teachers to share innovative and effective ways to introduce math and science into the classroom.

The keynote speakers are:

Friday evening, Jean-Marie Laborde, an internationally known mathematician, educator, and software developer, who will fly from France for a presentation on the use of technology in teaching. His presentation will combine math, science and technology as he demonstrates such natural phenomena as planetary motion. His presentation will combine math, science and technology as he demonstrates such natural phenomena as planetary motion using CABRI. On Saturday, Laborde will give two workshops for teachers wishing to learn how to use the dynamic geometry software CABRI to bring mathematics alive in the classroom.

Saturday morning, Col. Rick Searfoss, a former shuttle pilot and mission commander, who has flown three missions and logged 39 days in space. Highlights of his missions include docking with the Mir Space Station, supporting the first ever space walk at the Space Shuttle-Space Station complex, and performing numerous scientific experiments. Searfoss will share his vision of the value of exploration and scientific research, as well as firsthand lessons from his teambuilding and leadership experience.

Other speakers include:

• Ane Carla Rovetta, who returns to lead workshops on how to use art and story telling in the classroom, including telling legends with a natural history focus, sketching illustrations of plants and animals to highlight concepts, and using hands-on crafts in the classroom.

• Sheryl Mercier, an educator with 20 years combined experience as a teacher, science specialist and science coordinator, who combines science and theater in an educational story and entertaining presentation.

• Alan McCormack, from San Diego State University, who will present "Making Science Wonderful with Magic, Humor, & Storyline." Presentation includes demonstrations of lesson plans and science activities such as oddball futuristic "inventions," cartoons aimed at conceptual development, engaging hands-on experiences, clever simulations of scientific events or ideas, eye-popping illusions, innovative uses of theatrical magic.

• Lori Hamada, who has spent years helping to train and inspire elementary teachers, will share her knowledge and experience.

• Barbara Pence, a state leader in mathematics education and a professor from San Jose State University will bring her expertise to Kern County.

• Tapp Hancock, a local teacher and the developer of the Han-5 system, will lead a special session for 25 teachers, "Jump and jive with Han-5: Learn how to skip count, multiply, and divide (numbers 1-9)." The Han-5 system offers a conceptual understanding of numbers through literature connections, enabling children to apply memory association with each numbered fact family. It incorporates active and interactive learning with concepts repeatedly experienced through concrete, visual, verbal, and pictorial forms of learning. Each participant will receive a beginner's kit worth $30 for attending.

Aimed at Kern County area teachers, the conference is sponsored by CSUB, the Kern County Superintendent of Schools and regional professional organizations Bakersfield Math Council (BMC), Kern Science Educators Association (KSEA), and Kern Computer Using Educators (KCUE).

Registration begins Friday at 4 p.m. Program continues from 5:15 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday program continues from 8:30 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Sessions and workshops will be presented at Dorothy Donahoe Hall, the School of Education Building, and Science I and II.

For more information, please call (661) 665-6123, or (800) 788-2782 and ask for MST.

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